How to use chamomile?

I don't like chamomile tea. But there are a lot of people who love it. You can smell the white-yellow flowers from afar.

Did you know that they used to use the dried chamomile flowers against fleas? When the flea band did not exist yet, did with the dried chamomile in the pillow of the dog bed and in places where the cats were often puffing. Also it was used as a mattress filling, as it would help against rheumatism.


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That the blond hair keeps or makes it golden, I knew that. After all, there are also many shampoos that contain chamomile. If you don't have that shampoo, but if you want to be a blonde golden locks, throw a lot of flowers in a jug or bucket of water and let it brew overnight. Then, after washing your hair, use the bucket of chamomile water as your last rinse water. After that, do not rinse again with water naturally.

And another tip for your hair: Allow the dried flowers to retract well in a little bit of water. Put some sunflower oil in it. With that mixture you massage your scalp each. This is very good, if you have damaged hair!


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And, of course, chamomile flowers (a decoction of it so) help against minor abdominal pain, if you are nervous, with constipation, cystitis, with dilated blood vessels and rheumatism. You will also know that with toothache you can rinse your mouth with it, and after rinsing you can just swallow it. Actually, you could say that chamomile helps with everything. Even with earaches, cramps, hemorrhoids, boils and other skin ailments. And you can also bathe in it!

And another very important fact: it keeps the witches away when you hang a bush above your front door. That's handy to know, right?

Just get a bag, then, at the nature drugstore? Or pick and dry yourself, of course!

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