How To Use Essay Writing Tools Guide-2022 Z

How To Use Essay Writing Tools Guide-2022

If you are an essay writer, you must be familiar with several online tools that other writers also use to help them write more effectively. It can sometimes be challenging to select one type of tool out of the many that are available. If you are unsure of which tools to use, keep on reading this article.

Purpose of writing tools

The purpose of writing tools is to make the error of your writing free and also unique. Teachers often use these tools to generate prompts for their students or simply organize the pieces of writings they have.

Word counting tools

Word counting tools in essay writing will help you navigate your writing by specifically telling the number of words and characters used. Word counters are a great way to check that you are not over-explaining something or are not short on words which is an important requirement of an essay. Often, when you have not written enough words, you turn to a friend who might help you complete the words. You can write to them, ‘I have to write my essay fast, and I have not reached the word limit, please help!’’ You will relate to this more if you are a university student.

Deciding how many pages to write

If your teacher has assigned a specific number of words but doesn’t know how many pages that are, try using the word-to-pages converter tools online. These tools will convert the number of words you have written to pages. It is a very time-efficient way of writing, helpful for creating organized essays, and will also look good when you send it in for checking.

Generate your thesis statement

Perhaps the most important piece of writing for any undergrad student is their thesis which requires a lot of hard work and a limited period. Fortunately, online tools will use the topic you are looking for and generate a statement for you. You can also specify the type of statement you are looking for, whether it is an argumentative or narrative thesis statement. So instead of asking someone to ‘’writemyessayfast for me,’’ you can now take a fresh start with your thesis statement.

Grammar checking tools

It is with no doubt that grammar checking tools have changed the game for online writers and students who have to prepare multiple essays in as semester. These tools will filter the words you have written and check each line to assess the use of verbs, nouns and also correct punctuation mistakes.

Essay rewriting tools

There are times when a teacher demands two different essays on very similar topics or writes multiple essays on the same topic to produce content. In such cases, it is difficult to write two completely different articles. Online tools will help you avoid redundancy and plagiarism and create a completely new article from the one you have already written.

You can find online websites which offer almost all of these tools are available. Filter out the websites that are free to use and are accessible to everyone.  These tools will only help you if you are willing to create good content and write because you enjoy doing it. You will find your work difficult if you start completely relying on these tools instead of your hard work. These tools help you by making your task easier and somewhat manageable.

Get reinspired

It is very easy to lose motivation to write. Therefore, if you feel like you have no new ideas left, use a writing prompt tool to give you new topics you can write on. These prompts have thousands of sentences saved which are rewritten to generate valuable prompts.