How to use tampons?

In the modern world, there is a huge amount of personal hygiene, one of which is tampons. But it does prove that not all tampons are fair sex. Despite the fact that most women already had time to appreciate all their benefits. This is especially true of women who are active in life.

Naturally, the question of using tampons is most relevant to start “users” of this personal hygiene product. And it would be nice if we could ask for advice from my mom, friends, or use the instructions in the instructions attached to them.

It should be noted that tampons can be of different sizes, as well as the presence or absence of an applicator. From a hygiene standpoint, of course, tampons with an applicator win. With an applicator and how to use tampons without it, you can learn more details in the instructions that are attached directly to each package. However, I think the presence of an applicator will help you insert a tampon properly without touching it. Therefore, for those girls who do not fully understand how to use tampons, we still recommend starting with tampons with an applicator.

Some other questions in this context are most often asked by fair sex gynecologists.

When can I start using tampons?

Typically, tampons can start several years later, after the onset of menstruation, when their condition needs to be hidden during an important event.

Can virgin tampons be used, or is it forbidden?

There are no contraindications to the use of tampons by virgins. Therefore, girls can use tampons such as "no girls". The tampon cannot affect Hemman.

How often can I use tampons?

As the frequency of using tampons, then, according to doctors, tampons should be used as sparingly as possible. And most of all, if you change them over a 4 hour period

Is it possible to use tampons?

Tampons can be used from the first day of menstruation. And if they alternate using regular pads, it would be an ideal option during menstruation.

Following this immediately follows the next question, is it possible to use tampons at night? Tampons are not used at night. The most important thing is that the tampons do not stay inside the body for more than eight hours. Therefore, it is necessary to change the tampon before going to bed and change it again in the morning.

How to use Chinese tampons?

In addition to the usual tampons, there are Chinese tampons. And this invention is very interesting and one of the many questions is: "How to use Chinese tampons?" Basically, these tampons are used for treatment and prophylactic purposes, it is used in a completely reliable and safe way to improve pregnancy and treat a variety of diseases. Although most doctors consider these tampons nothing more than a pam, however, there is no obvious answer.

As these tampons are used, it is the same as the conventional ones. The only exception is that they may remain in the vagina for several hours to several days.

Here's another, no less important question, is it possible to use tampons after delivery?

During this period, more precisely, the first six to eight weeks, the use of tampons is not recommended.

The reason that you can use tampons after birth is due to the fact that lochia is allocated during this period. And most importantly, the lesions that are formed at the site of placenta attachment, are very susceptible to infection.

Therefore, it is necessary to stop using tampons until the wound is completely healed. And only after examining the doctor-gynecologist and his permission, you can start applying them.