How to watch your own instagram likes

How to watch your own and another person's Instagram likes after updating

How to see your own and others' Instagram likes is a question that appeared to users of the social network after the next update. The developers decided to hide information about who and when put positive marks on the network. The article provides information on how to find and see your own and other people's likes.

How to see likes on Instagram?

Before describing the features of this process, it is worth understanding for what purpose this may be required. First of all, I want to know how many likes were put on posts. A person can remember his publication, which he likewise, but did not save. In situations like this, information about the likes you put down will be invaluable. Previously, this information was easy to obtain. But after another update in October 2021, the option to view friends' likes disappeared. A few years ago, a person could click on a heart and see the marks in the subscription section. Now users have to look for workarounds. Below are the most important ones.

How do I see my likes?

It is difficult not to see the sympathy shown by the followers in relation to the publications. Likes are displayed at the bottom of the page under the heart. You can find them on the main page of your account. To keep track of the hearts and subscriptions that have been affixed, you can see and check them in the What's New tab. To proceed, you need to click on the Like mark that is present at the bottom of the page. Having received the information, a person will be able to find out which post and other people's photos were most popular. This is important in a situation where the profile was created for a commercial purpose. Studying such information will provide an opportunity to analyze what is appropriate for the audience. You can figure out how to improve the overall quality of your posts. Also try to use instagram stalking website. My likes and strangers are important to all users. It doesn't matter if it's a personal blog or a business page. You need to follow them in order to increase the coverage of the audience with publications. Such information will be useful for companies, stores and organizations that plan to display ads for services or goods on a social network through a profile. The sequence of actions in such a case looks like this: 1. Registration of a personal account in the application. 2. A tab with your own accounts is selected in the window. 3. The transition to additional functions is carried out. 4. In a special table, you need to register the name of the nickname of the person whose actions there is a desire to study on the social network. 5. The analysis option starts. This process takes about two minutes on average. As a result, information is provided on the likes that the user decided to deliver to other profiles for the last 6 publications. Information received from other people will be presented to your attention. This statistic is collected for 20 posts.

Why has Instagram removed views of other people's likes?

This is an option that was opened to users through the Subscriptions tab. With its help, it was possible to track likes, as well as the actions of other account holders. Not everyone knew about this feature. They performed certain actions. Didn't realize that someone could follow them. This often led to unpleasant consequences. To spoiled family relationships. There were business problems. The Subscription feature originally appeared in the app in early 2011. There was an assumption that users will expand their horizons through it. They will be able to find new content through the likes of friends, their number. Instagram removed this feature. Today, a similar goal is achieved with the recommended content tab. After the update, the Subscriptions section disappeared. It is impossible for the user to decide how to see his likes on Instagram. Instead, the What's New tab has appeared. User actions are reflected here. You can find notifications for new posts from friends.

Summing up

If you need to follow the likes of another person, you will not be able to act directly. We'll have to use third-party applications. In any case, this opportunity should not be neglected. It will be useful for the average person, brands and marketers. You can study the accounts of other people who are attracted to competitors. Based on the information received on subscriptions, draw up a content plan for Instagram. You can also always understand what publications subscribers like.