How vain drove Hiddema back into Thierry's arms.

I thought Theo was a boss. He smells and sees the fame of the brown shirts pulling up from his party.
Lord Hiddema straighten his back, relieving himself of the responsibility that the voter gave him.
And leaves with an ultra-short note that Arib had tears in her beautiful eyes reading aloud.

He always made it look like it was a job that had come to him a little bit because Thierry just happened to ask him.
His wife had just died, and he was at the bottom of a pretty black hole. Little to hand. Comb hairs every day.
Why steaming your three-piece without purpose?

In a farewell note to President Khadija Arib, he called himself “politically incapacitated” and announced his departure in the Chamber. “This is due to recent personal circumstances related to things such as good taste, self-esteem and joys of work.” According to Hiddema, his departure from politics was not so much to do with the accusations of anti-Semitism within the party, but with the unrest within the party. Unlike others, he did not explicitly choose a side in the conflict.
Now he's been at home for several weeks. Hair combed to “Donalducken “with some friends and Thierry. The black hole loomed again, and loneliness began to work up along the cold damp walls. Who is Theo without being in the interest? What's left?

A somewhat older rather vain lonely man who is now facing his downfall along with Thierry in the next election.
Better in the center of any attention tightly combed into your three-piece slowly sink into a cesspool full of quicksand. Then at home, sitting alone gnawing your fingers and taking away ladies cigarettes.

2021 will be a year full of beautiful tragicomic downturns.
This boss will probably regret the hair on his head at the end of 2021.
That he couldn't control his vanity. And no hobby has sought.

He left as a gentleman from the old stamp. Arib as a silent admirer almost left in a cat swoon for so much straight back.
He returns as an inconsistent vain twist. Of which the magnetic effect of the plush proved stronger than its ego.

And wrong him!

Happy New Year Theo.