How to deal with any strangers?

Conversing with a stranger can be awkward and unease at first. Many of us let this uneasiness to set in and we limit our contacts with strangers which further complicates our situation with anxiety. Talking to someone to create more social contacts is necessary for our growth and success.

For an introvert person,these type of situation will create an anxious atmosphere days before they face the problem. Getting invited to parties will start to create worries for them. But these type of behavioural problems can be fixed with some boost of confidence and few effective techniques to boost conversation.

Some common tips:

1. Be brave and worry less. Uncomfortable situations are just an part of the conversation and if you don't get anxious with it,it just passes quickly.

2. Be a better listener first. Be curious and ask questions.

3. Stay updated to new topics to boost conversation.

4. Avoid making judgements of the speaker.

5. It's a part of conversation to disagree. But be gentle and state your reasons well. The conversation with people with polar views can be very effective to enhance your speaking skills.

6. Don't get intimidated by the person ahead. He is just a human.

These are the few basics tips you can find anywhere in the internet if you search for them. These tips are very effective and they work but these tips have few drawbacks.

These quick tips tell you but don't show you how to do it. How to incorporate these tips in your life? How to make these tips your working mantra?

How to talk to anyone by Leil Lowndes

I read a book called How to talk to anyone by Leil Lowndes. This book delivers some new tips with unique names to make you remember and it also shows how to best incorporate them.


🔲Title: How to talk to anyone

◻️Author: Leil Lowndes

◽Genre: Self help book

▪️Goodreads: 3.8/5

▪️Barnes and novels: 3.6/5

About the book:

This book not only presents the solution but gives you ways to implement them in your life.

Techniques like epoxy eyes, flooding smile,big baby pivot,killer compliment, parroting, tombstone etc have unique names to make you remember the tips.

These nuanced but easy techniques won't make you an avid speaker in a day but this will boost some confidence which will start a chain reaction.Few more talks and these techniques will be sharpened better at your own touch.