HSP is Ok! (part 1) - determinations of the moment

High sensitivity is like a crystal glass: if you throw it, it breaks down, if you treat it gently it sparkles! (quote from actress Marian Mulder)

What you need to learn in everyday life is to deal with the different stimuli and emotions around you. How to set your limits? How you can eventually turn HSP into your power.

I remember the moment the psychologist told me I'm HSP. My first thought was immediately that I couldn't. I had already read several things about HSP but never really wondered until I got a burn out. No, I couldn't. I'm not like my sister. My little sister has had HSP and anxiety attacks and the like for a number of years. Turns out there are two types: I'm rather the extrovert while my sister is introverted. Everything fell into place immediately after my first conversation with my psychologist.

Now I finally understand why I used the disappearing act so often when I didn't feel comfortable anymore. When I was somewhere and I felt tension, I usually went home without saying anything. Or why my girlfriend's divorce affected me more than she did. Or why I couldn't sleep at night because I was stuck with everyone's problems. Or if I really have a feeling that something is going on then usually something is going on. Why sometimes I get so emotional about the most beautiful things or cry with the weirdest TV shows or when I see someone crying that I'm almost crying. Or why so many people always tell me their problems.

With people, I feel it, too. I have a lot of social contacts, but not a lot of friends. There are only a few people who unfortunately immediately make me feel bad. I can't deal with that. Exactly if there's really a red light with a big warning “Danger”.

A revelation... HSP... after I knew what it was!(I had to wait 40 years for why I sometimes didn't feel at home on the ze world. That I did not understand how people are or why they did what they did)

But then, how the hell are you going to deal with that? I didn't know that then. I have learned a few things from completely shutting down when the stimuli get too much. Or put on my headphones with some music. Just go home sometimes when it doesn't feel right. And occasionally say no if I'm really too tired or if I'm having trouble with my limits. I'm still in a learning phase since I haven't recovered from my burn out that long.

(to be prosecuted) #hsp