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Human Resources in a Company

One of the most important aspects to achieve business success is to have a good Human Resources (HR) department. Not only because with them the selection of the best candidates is assured, but also because they are in charge of motivating employees and retaining talent.

After all, hr professionals main functions have to do with the management and administration of human capital, or what is the same with the engine of the organization and employee productivity. That is why little by little human resources departments are gaining relevance in the world of work, to the point that every May 20th International Human Resources Day is celebrated. Let's see below the great value hr professionals bring to companies and their main advantages.

Why are hr departments so important in a company?

If we take into account that workers are the key element of any company, we can gradually get an idea of ​​the great value that having a hr department implies. More than anything because without the employees, a company does not grow, no matter how many economic, material, and technological resources it has.

For this reason, having an area that is responsible for the humanization of the company, as well as employee relations, and, in turn, achieving the strategic objectives of the organization by helping to improve its efficiency and effectiveness is a competitive advantage. And this is precisely what the hr department area does in broad strokes: add value to the company.

It is true that today there are still organizations that are reluctant to enter into contact with the world of hr departments, especially due to ignorance and confusion regarding the hr functions. However, for companies like Google, Microsoft or Apple this area is essential, as they are aware that human capital and employee relations are key to overall competitiveness.

Now, what are the main hr responsibilities? What do hr professionals do and what are their goals?

What qualities should a Human Resources manager have?

Human resource management is key to any company because it bears the great responsibility of choosing the new employees (hiring process) who will work for the company and, above all, that they comply with the necessary operational and commercial guidelines and objectives.

Let us remember that the human resources manager is the person who is in charge of coordinating the personnel department, resolving the conflicts that may arise between the company employees, motivating them, supervising them, and, especially, training them. For all these reasons, it is vitally important that your human resources manager has a special education. The most recommended is that you have studied Business Administration, Psychology, or Law and that you have at least held a management position (company managers) for at least three years.

The person in charge of the hr Department must possess certain qualities that allow them to direct the members of the company in an organized and respectful manner. Always keeping in mind that the human resources professionals is the most important capital that the organization has. In this sense, the most important qualities that a hr manager must possess are:

· Knowledge of the management of the business: the human resources manager must fully know the guidelines of the company, what it is looking for, what it pursues, the current legislation, and its history, in order to be able to choose productive employees that best represents the company.

· Analytical capacity: he must have the right knowledge and know how to apply it at the right time.

· Leadership: the person who occupies this position must know how to influence, preferably without reaching the point of exercising authority.

· Dynamic: the manager must transmit positive energy towards the other employees. Know how to approach them in a friendly way and build trust maximizing employee productivity.

It is also essential that the hr department care about the health of the employees and that at the same time integrate cultural, recreation, and tourism programs for a better employee relations. In addition, the hr department must be in charge of a fair person, who does not violate the privacy of others and above all, who respects the rights and duties of employees. The human resources manager must also be flexible when placing sanctions on employees when they incur a fault and never force them to work more than the time stipulated by law (employee benefits).

As you can see, there are many qualities that a good human resources manager and hr departments must have in order to effectively coordinate the workforce.

The main functions of the HR department

The central axis of the Human Resources department is for the business to achieve its objectives. What happens is that for this to be possible it is necessary that the goals of the workers are aligned with those of the organization. That is why the professionals in the human resource management sector are in charge of managing and organizing everything that has to do with the staff (employee concerns). Thus, its main hr responsibilities are the following:

· Organize and plan the workforce according to the needs and objectives of the business. To do this, they are responsible for analyzing the jobs as well as defining the functions and responsibilities of each of them.

· Recruit HR in the business. It is about attracting candidates for different jobs. In this case, this process can be both internal (when the candidates are already part of the business) and external (they are people from outside the organization).

· Select staff/employees, hiring process. HR professionals carry out different selection processes to choose the best candidates.

· Promote employees promotion within the businessthrough career plans (talent management). Without a doubt, one of the aspects that workers value most is the possibility of continuing to grow within the business through specialized programs according to company policies.

· Evaluate workers (background checks). It is about keeping track of schedules, meeting objectives, and developing the necessary skills and abilities by the employees.

· Training plans for employees. Offering the possibility of further training to employees ensures adaptation to changes and keeping up to date with any type of trend (administering employee benefits).

· Process administrative matters. Payroll, contracts, social security... everything that has to do with employees at an administrative level will be managed by this department.

· Control the prevention of occupational risks. Taking into account both the conditions in which employees work (employee concerns) and the risks involved in performing their duties is another of the functions of HR. Thanks to this, they can implement prevention, protection, and safety measures to ensure the health and well-being of employees and new employees.

· Promote good labor and employees relations. Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of the human resource management. Promote adequate communication, as well as conflict management and negotiation processes.

Advantages of having a good Human Resources department

Hr services are mainly responsible for managing people in the professional field. Of course, it is necessary that this human resource management is part of the business strategy to obtain valuable results.

In fact, there are many benefits derived from having a Human Resources department in companies. From the selection and retention of talent management, decision-making based on the needs of the company to taking into account the main risks to be faced, the establishment of an adequate communication plan, and the generation of reports to obtain a global vision of the workforce and the achievement of results.

At a general level, the role of Human Resources definition involves not only everything we have discussed above but also the establishment of certain values (organizational behavior), as well as the ability to motivate staff and increase harmony at work. There is no doubt that in the coming years the human resource management area will become a trend: working in favor of the company resources and the workers can only bring benefits to both parties.

How to optimize the human resources management of small businesses?

There are many factors why a high percentage of SMEs worldwide fail in the first three years, however, some focus on improving their production processes, and operations and strengthening their commercial area, leaving the optimization of project management relegated to human resources hr.

One of the most common errors in small and medium-sized businesses is the absence of a plan and strategic approach for the recruitment process (disciplinary actions), the design of professional profiles of the right employees, the functions manual, the management of the organizational culture, having personnel policies, and the health of the work environment. Faced with this situation, I have made a compilation of some key aspects that will help the human resources hr professional to optimize the management of the human capital of the SME businesses.

Get to know the company in depth

It is important that the person you choose to carry out the hard work of leading this department or human resource management, in addition to having the necessary skills and competencies, also has an in-depth knowledge of everything related to the organization or business itself.

In this way, the human resource professional will be able to identify the profiles needed (hiring employees), as well as the processes that can affect the productivity of the company or organization, and intervene in time with the required solution. In some cases, it will be training or the hiring of new staff.

Be an agent of change

Change is the greatest constant in a business environment, it is necessary to be in constant evolution and growth, so the Human Resource Department must act as a promoter of positive changes that help optimize the organization and identify risk management. This is achieved by developing an organization plan of activities with a view to improving the work environment, generating positive changes in the culture, focusing on enhancing the performance of the staff, and generating a sense of belonging to the company.

Become an ally of the staff

Another key aspect is that the hr teams becomes an ally of the employees, identifying their needs and designing a plan to satisfy them. An excellent initiative is a creation of a compensation program, recognition for the achievements of employee, co worker or entire work teams, and a good health plan, among other benefits that boost motivation.

Analyze the data

Within the company or business, different types of data managing are generated that must be analyzed and evaluated to facilitate decision-making. It is for this reason that the hr teams must apply tools, methodologies and other resources to collect valuable information for the design of an organizational strategy and cause an increase in productivity and employee performance.

Low-cost software for human resource management

Technology has become a great ally of organizations, supporting them in their growth, streamlining processes, and dealing with the demands of an increasingly competitive world.

In recent years, different software has been designed focused on helping the hr area to face the challenge of managing all the processes related to the management of the company's personnel, from hiring (the best talent employee) to leaving the company. These digital tools allow you to take the administrative process of human resources to a higher level with more advanced functions for the optimal performance of employee activities.

Key aspects for the selection of HR software

For the selection of software that facilitates the management of employee or human talent, it is important to take into account some key aspects that provide solutions and speed up complex processes intrinsic to the department.

Administration of human talent

Find programs that allow the registration of personal data of each employee, their level of training, and the skills they possess in an organized manner.

Payroll administration

Software that automates the payroll payment process, facilitates the calculation of tax deductions, and social contributions, and generates statistics in real-time.

Labor benefits

Digital tools that facilitate the calculation of employee benefits, whether due to termination of duties, tasks, accidents, or retirement.

Performance indicators

This is an aspect that is usually complex for some SMEs, however, using software will allow you to evaluate and quantify the time and activities carried out by staff with agility.

Training programs

Software that allows you to design online training programs to strengthen the skills and competencies of the employee.

Recommended software for HR management

There are various programs and digital tools that are at the service of companies for the optimization of the human resources department, here are some very useful and practical tools for SMEs and complete some tasks:


It is a digital tool that provides solutions in the area of ​​human resources to small and medium-sized companies, adapting to the needs of each company, facilitating recruitment, employees, personnel management, evaluating performance and tasks, and other processes, through an intuitive interface that makes the implementation of this software easier and simpler.

Time work

It is software for employee time control, which keeps a record of the hours worked through mobile devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets). TimeWork runs from the cloud and records from the start time to the end of each employee's work, notifying breaks and overtime. This tool adapts to the needs and size of the company and employee, offering the opportunity to show its functionality through a totally free 15-day trial plan.


It allows you to automate, organize and optimize the organization in the same program that runs from the cloud. This software works with an end-to-end strategy that guarantees the efficiency of personnel management by unifying all processes and benefits administration.


It is a very complete open-source application that allows you to simplify the administrative tasks of hr or hr consulting.


This tool, like the previous ones, simplifies and automates the human capital management processes of companies, with a wide range of functions for the area of ​​payroll, recruitment, training, and reporting benefits.


It is a tool that allows you to objectively view the performance of the different departments, offering a general overview of the work of each employee that allows you to identify opportunities for improvement. With WorkMeter, companies can analyze staff behavior, quantify workload and redefine tasks, offering valuable information that allows them to analyze employee performance and implement strategies that increase productivity.

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