Humanimals: the birth of a seven-part saga

Humanimals saga?

For years I've waited for a book or film about humanimals. It seemed so obvious to me. Uniting a man and an animal. They don't look different, but they have the benefits of the animal. Since childhood, I've been interested in the animal kingdom. The stranger the better. I already knew the animals of the main characters, but during my research I fell off my chair a few times (fortunately figuratively). Now years on, I sincerely do not know what I think is the most interesting animal. The series “monsterbug wars” I recommend to anyone who has something with insect rich. What I learned from that series is that we humans are very lucky that the insects are so small. It is also difficult to imagine how many unique animals exist. To this day, new species of animals are discovered in nature. Imagine yourself all the people you know all with the skills of a particular animal.

The birth of a new world

Although the story and characters became clear about seven years ago, the first humanimal is much older. Almost twenty years ago, the birth of the character Medius was in my mind. Without a world, without a story, just a character with extraordinary gifts. After half an attempt 13 years ago, the character came back to my mind eight years ago. This time it was different! Within one day, six other characters were clear to me, and a world slowly began to show itself to me. What I find very interesting is the difference between the two continents. Europenia is largely comparable to the world as it was a century ago. Liberated America, on the other hand, looks more like a futuristic world where advanced technology plays a major role. The characters involved in the first book differ greatly. Think of social status, education, culture and ideals. This allows readers to see the world through different eyes.

Fantasy vs Reality

Since the story will take place in 300 years, in my mind much was possible for the story. At the same time, I wanted to stay fairly close to today's world. It remains special what kind of animals exist in the world. Due to the exceptional skills of existing animals, it was not necessary to invent animals. In that respect, it's a glimpse into the animal kingdom of this beautiful planet. Also in terms of characters, names, background and culture, I kept diversity in mind while writing. Doing research on names of different countries was an unexpectedly fun part of the writing process. As for Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum computers, I've been researching what is happening in the world. From there, I started to fantasize about what it might be like in a few hundred years.

Philosophy and Ethics

In addition to all the excitement and sensation, several themes are appointed per book. Although some themes appear in different books, I have tried to include most important things in the story. The obvious themes such as love, friendship, loss, mourning, betrayal, power and are discussed among others. Furthermore, between the lines I ask some philosophical questions such as 'what is the definition of being a human being? ' and 'when there are not enough food and raw materials to supply everyone, who decides how stocks are distributed? ' 'Are you still human with animal DNA in you or with 4 cybernetic limbs or with a mechanical heart? ' I sincerely believe that some of these issues and questions can play an important role in the world in the future.

Rise of hybrids

Is the first part in a series of seven books. Why seven? I have no idea. At least I can't explain it, because it's just the way it is. Seven years ago during the initial phase it began as a trilogy that soon expanded to what it is today. From the moment I started writing, the beginning of part one and the end of part seven were already fixed. This first book is an introduction into the world and with several important characters. The beginning of a journey, an adventure and hopefully a lot of reading fun.

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