Honey bees or solitary bees need food, nectar broadly and water.

A small water feature works wonders. A flower border or flower meadow can make a big difference. An important thing here is that you take into account a long flowering arc, that there are flowers from early spring to late autumn. Keep in mind that native plants make many more insects happy, but there are also nectar-giving flowers. Use as few exotic plants (non-native plants) as possible, and certainly no invasive non-native plants.

Place your honey bees in your garden and also check whether there are enough gestation plants nearby.

know that a bee flies up to 3 km away to get its nectar. In extremes it also goes further. Draw a circle with a radius of 3 km from the place where your beehive is located. Go for a walk or bike ride and discover what grows and blooms in your area. If a tree is buzzing, look up which tree it is, or shrub, or flower. and are they honeybees that are attracted to it? or solitary bees, wasps, flies, other species....