Hurray for the Coronavirus

It came at the right time not only for many governments but also for me. Almost all political problems have been resolved from one point to the next. Nobody protests, demonstrates, ceases.

Brexit, open or closed borders is no longer the subject of discussion and the forced search for a job with associated stress and rejections with threat of withdrawal of benefits has ended.

The burqa is no longer a subject of conversation, and no hand giving is no longer rude.

The hanging young people and problems of street gangs have been solved, just as the teachers shortage and the overstretched GP.

Finally, we can stay home unpunished. There is no need to go to school or make up an excuse not to go to work.

Unnoticed education is simplified and home education is introduced. Exams no longer apply, those who cannot learn independently or have parents who cannot explain anything will grow as the future worker, the manual workers we urgently need.

The problem with air pollution outside is solved a good proof of how to beat the population in the future (you see it is not because of the population surplus). It is a pity that indoor air pollution increases many times and this was already higher than outside but that is not measured so can be ignored.

The economic crisis, which is about 15 years ago and no solution to it, is now finally going to be resolved, just like the population surplus and the problem with the Dion pill.

The surplus of (agricultural) holdings is declining, as is the need for human contact. We keep our distance and talk online.

We're all going to be vegan because the swine and avian plague and the Coronavirus are killing the animals.

Finally, the time has come and online life is getting on the lift and it is considered normal for you to spend your life behind a screen. You are no longer an outsider as a greaser, a-social, autist or when you have a street phobia. The chip clipping never made it, but contactless payment is now all the way.

There's finally more blue on the street just because there's no one on the street. Although... with us, the elderly are just chatting each other together. They're not so frightening. Finally, for years the media has portrayed them as eaters and “they have experienced the war and should not be so whining”, says the management of a Belgian nursing home. With us in the village is therefore not whining but enjoyed.

Finally me-time, mass de-stress, fight burnouts and time for one's own family. Teaching and raising your children, taking care of your pet, keeping your house on the side and again thinking about (personal) hygiene.

There are so many benefits to the Coronavirus, but we are lucky that this virus has been massive worldwide decided to count headlines.

Finally, I can walk quietly and freely down the street.

No one touches me or runs under my foot. As soon as I get there, they take a few steps aside or backwards.

Finally, I can shop at my dead convenience and stroll down the street.

No one insists anymore, and I can quietly lay down all my messages and pack them.

The streets are a lot army and cleaner.

No hanging kids and fake homeless people sitting at you, scolding you, begging for money for the villa in Romania.

The amount of waste on the street has decreased considerably.

Less driving.

What a lucky thing my kids don't have to go to school anymore. Since one goes to high school, I can't make it with one tank a month. I now save myself the cost of refueling and my car is less likely to wear out.

No school.

Delicious we no longer need to get out of bed at 4 o'clock. We can sleep three hours longer.

I save myself the cost of a bus subscription and all the extra costs for compulsory school trips and school events that my children don't like and teachers keep threatening me.

I save myself the cost of extra food for school and on the go.

I save myself the cost of calling credit for me and the children.

It's the last year for my youngest. The admission test for the next school was done already in February, and the need for a farewell to the class and school is not there. A particularly boring and long-winded parting is saved to us just like the purchase of neat clothes and new shoes.

No stress

I don't have to come up with a forced trot anywhere anymore.

Our own biorhythms are slowly but surely going to take over again.

Contact, please

Unbelievable but true but since the closure of the schools I speak more people a day than before in a month (I mean year). Everyone suddenly has more time/need to catch up.

Do I suffer from the Coronavirus?

No. I live remote, far from my fellow man and my only direct contact with people are my children, is through my children or the supermarket. My children will stay at home now and the next few weeks we will not be in the civilized world/between the people. My stock is large enough to sing it out for about two months at 1-2 meals a day.

The group practice of general practitioners is closed and only works by telephone. In three months, I haven't been able to talk to them, even to make an appointment online. I don't have the illusion that the doctor is reachable if we get sick. I have a pill supply and I don't have to go to the drugstore or pharmacy.

I'm going to save at least 100 euros a month and that's a big sum for me.

The atmosphere at home has only improved. Less stress, less long, tiring, and for my children often boring school days. They are also spared the noise of screaming classmates and the associated annoyances.