Hurt by a car | Prince Fluffy Kareem

Hurt by a car

It is not our new baby donkey Oreo!

Unfortunately another small baby donkey got into a car accident and his owner brought him to PFK.

He has severly damaged his leg and lost part of his hoove.

He has been surrendered to us and we gave him the name Dominic.

Dr Sameh saw him this morning - I called him for an update. He didn’t have the X-ray machine but said that his treatment plan would be the same - bandage and vetwrap.

He’s so young if it is broken the bones are likely to heal. That he’s in great spirits!

And extra best news… Oreo’s mum Hazena is happily feeding him!

He now is in the Monos paddock with the other young donkeys en fillies.

The paddock has been renamed: PFK Creche


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