I am the resurrection, said Jesus

Easter is the feast of the resurrection

Thoughts on Johannes 11:25 -26

Easter is a special celebration. It was in fact established by God Himself, when the people of Israel were liberated after 430 years of slavery in Egypt. It stood from then on symbol for the great salvation that was to come. A liberation, already announced on the first pages of the Bible - immediately after the fall of Adam and Eve -.

Jesus spoke the words 'I am the resurrection and life' at a special moment in history. His friend Lazarus died and is now also buried. “Death is dead “and “God is dead “are statements used by some people. But Jesus uses other words.

He gives hope in frightened, uncertain times. Grief and grief do not have the last word. Certainly not when He appears on the stage. That is what Maria and Martha notice in the flesh. And with them, several other people are witnessing the miracle of the resurrection from the dead. Lazarus, when Jesus calls him, comes out of his grave. The shrouds are then quickly unwound from him.


My personal Lazarus experience

By the way, you know, I personally also have some kind of Lazarus experience? Different, but still... That took place during prayer in a conference-like setting. It was a specific prayer in the fight against the spirit of death. Not that I knew that ghost had a grip on me, but...

During prayer I felt at some point that something was being resolved from me. Something like what Lazarus will have experienced, when they unleash the shrouds of him. Bondage made way for freedom. Something that the people of Israel - albeit in other form - may have experienced during the exodus.

Partly because of this I know deep down that it is true. God is reality! I have seen it too many times that He revealed Himself to me. Very occasionally I feel a parallel with the disciple who loved Jesus and who has experienced so much from so close. My baptismal name is Johannes...

The Resurrection and Life

God Himself gave man the promise, and also carried out what was necessary. He came to earth and showed us in Jesus who He is. Out of pure Love, out of pure grace, you may also taste it.


The resurrection is a fait accompli. At Easter we are allowed to celebrate, dwell on that and be amazed. Man is waiting for a new life. A new normal, you might call that.

But the question that Jesus then asks Mary is: ' Do you believe that? '. A question that He also asks you through this. Do you believe Jesus has risen from the dead before you? That He gives you life out of pure Love and grace? Do you believe Him?

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