I give you a rose, photo editing

It remains such a beautiful flower, the Dandruff! On all occasions, the Rose has a strong meaning. Today atValentine's Day many roses will be given to loved ones. According to www.meerbode.nl 165 million Roses were sold this year in the Valentine period at the flower auction in Aalsmeer!

Even at weddings, birthdays, condolences and ceremonies, the roses stand for strength and love!

Now to the photo, there too you can with simpleediting programsAdjust a lot or atmosphere!

Your camera orten has a photo editing program, and orten your standard sortware package contains the Photos and Microsort Office program with which you can achieve these results.

Play with the settings:Filter, Light, Color, Sharpness, Brightness, Vignetting(the vague 'circle' in the corners). This is mainly about trying, your own taste plays a big role.

Also, the'crop & rotate' is in the most simple photo editing programs. Cropping is nothing more than making a cropping, a detail cut from your photo, so actually 'Zooming' afterwards. Make sure that you increase greatly, and that the quality or the picture can deteriorate very much!

Therefore, I always photograph in the highestresolution that is possible on my camera!

Sometimes you want to rotate your image, you can use the'rotate'or 'rotating'. Note that you actually make a cut out or your photo, there should be enough room to keep your image 'whole. '

Get started with it., open a photo in a photo editor, and scroll with the different settings!Always save the photo as a copy, or under a different name, so you always have your original!

Another nice step-by-step explanation for if you want to go further with photo editing!
This one is from a Yoors colleague