Hello peeps; today I learned that humanity is all about unity and interdependence. When I was growing up, I had an uncle who was not around most of the time. With all the family events, birthday parties, Thanksgiving and all other holidays, he was never at any.

I kept thinking; maybe he is not a people’s person. As I got older, I believed he had something to hide. Alternatively, maybe, something against the rest of the family members. Well, not all that was easy for me to believe. The main reason being his personality.

Bringing Life to the Party
For the few times he showed up, he brought life to the party. He was everyone’s favorite, and everyone around him was always laughing. However, every time I woke up the following day from an event he attended, I would never find him anywhere. He was already gone, again.

I Was Haunted by His Frequent Absence
His story haunted me all my life, until it was time to be contented with seeing him once after every 5 years. Like a presidential aspirant.

Anyway, I learned today that my uncle was a spy. He chose to spend most of his life away from us – just to protect us from the consequences that come with his job.

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I Learned Today Who My Uncle Was