I'm so tired of discrimination and talking about it.

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I'm so tired of discrimination and talking about it.

Discrimination is the unequal treatment or detriment of a certain group of people. In this particular group of people a distinction is made on the basis of certain very diverse characteristics such as race, origin, orientation, sex or religion.

Actually, I didn't want to say anything about it. And actually, I should stick to that intention, too. Actually! But dear folks, this whole discrimination thing is even more of my ass than coronage-making or conspiracy theories. Apparently, you can't ask people where they come from anymore because people will feel discriminated against. Get over it! As soon as I cross the border of Limburg, I get the question where I come from. And in those 10 years that I lived “on ut Hollendsj” I got that question from every person I met. Personally I always thought that was a bit of a dumb question because it seemed to me to hear clearly from my statement but that was not as clear as I thought. Often people started doing very bad Belgians imitations (you'll only be a Belgian in the Netherlands) or even worse German imitations when they heard which town I came from. I have given several answers but I always liked the best reactions to my answer “Groningen”. Consciously selected the province with 2 G's in it. It always made me laugh a little when I'm honest.

When I was at the MTS in Schoonhoven it became a bit annoying because there was a teacher who had trouble with me and I did realize that it had something to do with Kerkrade and with my gender but why was not clear to me for a long time. This translated into extremely low grades for that subject and okay I was certainly not the best in that course but certainly not the worst. After a while, I found out that this gentleman had once gone to a lady who came from Kerkrade just like me. Well, this kind of thing happens. But it can also be the other way around. The first day I walked into the building of the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam I was addressed on the stairs by a gentleman who called me by my name and knew the place where I came from. When I agreed, he just got excited. He knew my hometown well, he liked it where he had come a lot because his ex-wife came from there too. Thank God they were nice divorced, I thought then. But with that sweet man, I couldn't do anything wrong in advance.

How often does it happen that when I am abroad I suddenly get spoken to in Spanish. Well quite often and that is quite annoying because I don't speak a word of Spanish. Well, I can order a beer fluently but to have a beer with every stranger who appeals to me in Spanish is also pretty much. In French and Italian, by the way, has already occurred. And not only in those countries, by the way, that happened in several European countries. I always hope that these people also speak English because I once tried to explain in French that I don't speak Spanish. And for French I once managed to get a - 3 at school (doeslief and ask no further). This based on my appearance. Well... it must be. I have a son who is often thought to be Polish and recently even asked if he is from Indonesia. And a daughter who is placed by default in the Scandinavian countries.

In Tunisia I once adopted German nationality (thank God I speak fairly German and they didn't realize I was fake) because the image of the Dutch people there was not always very positive (and I understood that very well when I looked at my fellow countrymen who were walking around there). As a German, I liked the Tunisians much better and they liked me. My ex had just shaved his head (something about denying that you're actually getting bald) and he was always asked if he was a Marine. We soon found out that they found marines “cool” so we didn't deny that. In another country, she might have judged it differently.

When I just lived in Rotterdam I wasn't busy with differences at all, I didn't realize that you apparently had to make a distinction between straight and gay. Let alone realize that you had bars for one and for the other. My criteria were: “I want to have a drink and a pub looks nice to have a drink” and then I went in there and I liked something soon. I'm not the hardest one. It certainly took a while in the beginning before I realized that maybe I wasn't quite in my place. Okay, I saw there were a lot of men, but hey, I didn't draw any conclusions from that. The realization didn't come right when I got angry and indignant glances (I didn't understand them but it didn't do anything to me either, I thought it was just strange men but I thought that more often with men). The realization came only when I was told that I was in a gay bar and that I had nothing to do with it. I think I go through life laughing because I reacted to that again: “well then you have no competition to fear from me” and I also asked for the certainty whether they went to gay bars alone? That wasn't so I ordered another beer. If they're not gay in gay bars, I thought I could have a beer in a gay bar. By the way, I have never been able to find a gay bar in Rotterdam where only women come, no idea why but in those 10 years I have lived there I never managed to walk into a bar with only women. Apparently there's a divorce between that too. Did I feel discriminated against? Not really.

I married a Catholic to someone who wasn't Catholic. And the family I got in was pretty religious. Did you think this was a party? Well, that was a party you don't want to be invited to. I've been married for 18 years and if I'm going to elaborate on this, I'm sure this long piece will be extremely long, so take it from me that they thought quite a bit of Catholics.

Or have you ever been in front of a group of slightly older men of various nationalities as women of mid-twenties, pregnant and with a Limburg accent in Rotterdam? I do and believe that at first they weren't waiting for me and my message and that had everything to do with my sex. I was going to tell them how to deal with unskilled employees of various origins. Well, then you have to do your best to be taken seriously. I still think I solved that great at the time. I started by saying that they had a bias towards me but also towards each other. I had much more to say but it came down to the fact that everyone has prejudices, places people in boxes and that this in itself is not even bad but that you should be aware of it.

And I can also give examples on which I was addressed to my race, but then this will be a very long story. That race story is not as black and white as it is currently being done.

Discrimination based on race, origin, orientation, sex or religion. I too know it, both the negative side but also the positive side. I have used it as well. Without a strip card in the subway or misstamped... never had a fine... a heavily exaggerated Limburg accent and being a little dumb will help. Have I never used the fact that I don't have a pee? I'd be lying if I claimed it wasn't. Of course I did. And then again I thought, “If they're dumb enough to believe that... let them be dumb.”

Is it easier for me to be straight than a gay guy? Probably in a straight world, but as soon as I step into the gay world, it's not pais and free either. As a woman, do I have a harder time than a man? Probably as long as the world is still largely ruled by men. Do I have it harder or easier as a Catholic than someone with another religion? It just doesn't matter where I am and who I am with. Do I choose to be in a white world that only consists of Catholic straight women from Limburg? Well, no. Because I'm too arrogant for that. Too arrogant? Yeah, too arrogant. I can't help it, but in such a situation I think: “You are stupid!” And then I have to laugh about it and move on. In addition, I choose to let the glass be half full and not half empty.

Because there's nothing I can do about it. I cannot change my skin color or my “race”, not my sex (although this is possible nowadays, although that step goes too far for me to take), and my origin is my origin and I do not change anything about that either. My religion, I can change it, but let me tell you a little secret, because of the experiences I have gained, I became the Catholic I am now. And my orientation, in my case it is fixed, I did not choose but it is what it is. And I'm fine if someone finds something of that or doesn't. That's allowed. If you don't bother getting to know me, that's fine. I can live with that. I accept that people think in boxes, that one is going by the first impression. And if it bothers me then I just scissors those people under “stupid” and move on.

You can't treat people unequally or dissuad people, and when that happens, you take action. But then take targeted action if you're dealing with that situation, but stop generalizing the word discrimination, for God's sake. Sometimes you can also shrug your shoulders and move on.

I didn't get a job once because I was too pretty. No, this is not a joke. That was really the reason I heard in rejection. I applied as an 18-year-old in a clothing store and that's why I didn't get the job. Because women might feel insecure and the male partners might be distracted. If someone uses a reasoning like that, you don't want to work there anymore. Try applying as a divorced wife with four small children. The questions you get are really not admissible (and I know that because I have worked for a long time as a reintegration coach), it is annoying but that's how it works. As long as we do not design society differently, this will continue to be the case. And with two completed HBO courses, I fall among highly educated. I have also been judged on that in my life. Sometimes positive but also negative.

We are not equal, but we must treat each other equally. Live in the here and now. Accept that there are differences. And do not make such a drama of EVERYTHING. Sometimes you're just not fit for something, and then just accept it, and if you think you are, prove yourself, work harder, and then pepper it in. And fight your own fight. Do not shout at every misfortune that you are discriminated against. Therefore, do not use the so-called POSITIVE discrimination anymore. If you do not want to be judged on the basis of race, origin, orientation, sex or religion, many people are still facing a difficult time. Is one even aware of that?

We only get the word discrimination from the Fat van Dalen if we no longer talk about religion or at least no longer about the divisions into religions. No more so... just no more... nowhere. Then we simply abolish words such as Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jew etc. completely. No one goes to church or mosque or synagogue anymore. I will not say that we should abolish religion, but simply the distinction between them. We just have to come up with a general word that we can put everything under. I suggest that we use the existing word RELIGION for every direction of faith because that includes the whole and the word HOUSE of Prayer instead of church, synagogue or mosque. Maybe we can also introduce some kind of prayer house uniform for all religions alike. Kind of like a school uniform, and then we'll handle it right away. The uniform for men and women is the same. We tackled that piece, too. The complete abolition of religion or the obligation of religion would also be a solution but both have been tried several times in the past and the past has learned that this will not work. So we are left with two groups but that is already a significant reduction compared to the current situation.

How can we delete the word sex? That's gonna be a tough one. The most effective way would be if we all had the same physical characteristics. So either take off the breasts in all women or insert breast implants in all men. I choose the latter myself because in the Netherlands we are quite a bit of breastfeeding (I personally not but that aside). Then we'll get to the underwear. Maybe it's going a little far, but I think with the plastic surgery department we can get a good way. The women still get artificial penises and the men still get a kind of vagina fitted. And here too something of uniform clothing. Everybody wear skirts or pants? Maybe we can choose a middle ground. Tight trousers in the spell and skirts and dresses too. We're all just going in CULOTTE PANTS, that's the solution. It is a pair of pants but with such wide legs that it also looks like a skirt. You have to do your best to think about solutions, but then you have something. Check, solved. Then what are we going to replace the word sex? I propose the word HUMAN.

What do we do with the mode? I suggest we all just stay in the closet. Or all come out. We can choose whether or not to make it obligatory to walk in the street if you walk down the street with the two of us loose whether or not you go into bed together or to prohibit any kind of affection in the public area. I'm going for the first time myself because I think this makes the world a little more cozy. We know the countries where this is not allowed, in any gender combination, and I personally do not find it very pleasant there. But we just don't talk about it anymore. You do it or you don't, but we don't talk about it anymore. It remains something between two people further or three or... An additional advantage is that those dumb magazines in which you can read about this kind of thing in any variant (gay or straight) disappear and we will now get real journalistic stuff again. Bars then simply become bars for everyone and everyone is welcome everywhere. I think the word orientation can continue to exist. Is always useful if you want to go a step further than holding a hand. Do we have to do anything about the words homosexuality and heterosexuality? I don't know a nice alternative. We could of course say “sex with” and “sex without” something like in the snack bar or friture. There you also ask for a frie/fries with or without. I think that could work.

We can also easily tackle ancestry. We don't talk about that anymore. We don't tell you who your mother or father is or was. We don't talk about family compositions. Where your crib stood remains a well-kept secret. In addition, everyone is obliged to go to HBO or university education and to obtain the corresponding diploma PLUS to complete a course where one learns the handicrafts. Then we become a country with well-educated people and everyone has at least two degrees, so we tackle the inequality of education. In addition, we choose a language that everyone has to speak plus 2 foreign languages of their own choice that can only be spoken in the respective country or if someone from that country is visiting here for work or vacation. We understand and understand each other better immediately.

Race also becomes difficult and requires a little longer breath, but I seriously think we should do well to ban reproduction between people of the same race. I really don't think we can get out of that. And immediately. I think that the current state of affairs demands an urgent law and I think it can be settled quickly. It may sound a bit drastic but if we are going to introduce that on January 1, 2021, we will have about 60 more pure varieties in the Netherlands (the still pure varieties are about to die) and if you have no more pure varieties then you can also and we can immediately delete the word racism from the Fat of Dale. We tackled that too. PS. we can leave all images right away, because that will be a shared history. How beautiful is that?

How do you get rid of racism and (positive) discrimination? How do we all get equal? Well so! It's gonna be a pretty uniform world. Well, then it is. It takes some drastic measures, but what should be done. There are also some new topics to be thought of, because in this way there is quite a lot to go, but where there is a will is probably a way. On the other hand, education gets a big boost and that is positive, economically I also see advantages. By the way, I do see some similarities with several attempts in the past to... they weren't very successful, by the way.

Do we really all want to be the same? Or do we want to be equal?

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