I Met My Highschool Teachers After 2 Years ! | Gehna Batra

I Met My Highschool Teachers After 2 Years !

Today I am very happy because I visited my school after two years! Just after my 12th board exams, lockdown started so I never got a chance to visit my school.

I did not plan to go to the school today and meet my teachers, everything was random. I was having an exam today and I was as usual going back to my house.

On the way back home I saw some students from my school and it reminded me of my school days. And at that moment I randomly decided to give my school a visit. I was walking and listening to one of my favorite songs on my way back home.

I saw some students from my school going by, then I started thinking about my school days and how I used to go home in the same way. I was two minutes away from my home but then I decided to go to school.


I just walked in the school gate without giving it a second thought and everything seemed to happen so spontaneously. I did not know what I would do after going inside the school gate but I just walked.

With every step towards my school, memories of my school time started rushing into my mind. I was feeling different emotions and remembering how my life was two years back.

Finally, after five minutes of walking, I entered the school gate. As it was 2 pm and the end of the workday everyone was leaving for their homes. Moreover, I was not sure if I would be able to meet any of my teachers.

Then I decided to go to the reception and I asked the receptionist to call my teachers. She told me to wait for fifteen minutes because teachers were busy with some registration work. I sat on the sofa and again remembered how I used to sit there in my school days.

Every moment had something special in it, I'll always remember that special feeling. I was thinking about how my life has completely changed in the last two years.


I realized that I have achieved those things that I was planning to achieve in the coming 10 years. I was lost in a world of memories and suddenly saw my class teacher coming up to me. I don't know what happened to me at that moment, I got so emotional after seeing her that my eyes were filled with tears.

She hugged me and expressed her happiness. I was not able to control my emotions at that time, those were tears of happiness. She sat on the sofa beside me and asked about what I am doing nowadays. I told her that everything has changed after class 12th and that I became a Freelance Content Writer.

She was so happy after listening to it that one of her students achieved so much at such a young age. I told her about my work and then she asked how I started my Content Writer journey.

I explained that I started with an internship, worked for 18 hours a day, developed my skills, and how I am still working hard day and night. Her expressions were saying it all, she was feeling proud of me. She appreciated me for achieving so much in such a short period and told me that she is proud of me.


I also showed her my LinkedIn profile and again she appreciated that I developed so much in the past couple of years. I was emotional all the time because it was a huge realization for me that I never even thought that I would be able to earn right after my school life.

I was thinking about how I got a new life just because I believed in myself. The reason for my achievements is that I am very ambitious, passionate, and very hard working.

Even the smallest of achievements require a lot of effort and to reach this position I did a lot of hard work. What makes me feel proud is the realization that I reached this position without any guidance and support from others.

Lack of support made me stronger because I realized I don't need others’ support or validation to achieve something.
I didn't wait for opportunities, I created opportunities for myself. I will gladly say that anyone can achieve anything in their life if they believe in themselves and are ready to do a lot of hard work.

Hope you liked reading the post! I would like to know your views about it.

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