It's that time to take a final stand,
command gentleness in the name of Love,
because mercy, hope, and grace are working in my case,
Fathers and everybody come in a circle and take hands,
making peace forever!

There is Dowe and Condor that
girl found in the freedom of mind,
body and spiritual strength to make
that final stand: I'm not afraid!

Thank you smile in the mirror I just saw,
thanks to the shamans and angels' laughter
an infinity of time.

Love can be assured is safe to roam free,
dreams and light ignite in the material shown on Earth,
because a girl just proves her framework work -
projecting riches inside out in now and today -
question for Heavens - how far together we can go?!

This is Love transmuting her final mad at herself,
finally knowing she is worthy of Love. My name is Amor,
and a girl walks softly in her name now and till the end of time!


I walk softly on this Earth in the name of Amor!