“I want to die” is a popular search term on Google

“I want to die “versus “urge to survive.”

One of the popular search terms on Google is, “I want to die.” Very sad, of course, when you consider that (over) life is actually an automatic desire of a living being. Whether you look at it from a religious or spiritual point of view, or from a scientific, evolutionist background: 'I want death' goes against all logic.

Nevertheless, there aremany people, who (once or regularly) seriously think of suicide. People with mental distress, who see no other way out, for example.

Talk about it can not be, because the subject is taboo. It is not possible to carry out half, because that is too selfish, too much attention, or an extra-strong form of failure. So, if you want it seriously, you need to choose a method with 100% probability of success.

Attention and recognition as weapons in the fight against “I want to die”

You'll find plenty of tips on the Internet, along the digital highway, if you type in the right keywords. “I want to die “leaves nothing to be desired in clarity.

However, the question is what would happen, if someone suddenly paid attention to you.If someone starts listening to you, shows understanding and tries to help you... Would that make a difference?Could your death wish be reversed to life?

I believe that a simple touch, a single understanding word, can make the difference between life and death. As long as a human is still alive, there is this inner urge to survive. Every opportunity will be seized to the limit.

And that can be done quite simply by a brief reaction when someone writes something on the Internet. Or if someone sees a person in (psychological) distress and starts talking; or him or her short - not short! - greeting. It's still the little things that do it. Humanity is a great asset, even though society hardens so quickly.

Recognize bright spots in the dark

Precisely when sitting in the dark, when your life is filled with cloudiness and depression, small signs often appear on the horizon. It's hard to distinguish them then, but still...If you recognize these bright spots in the dark, they can have a lot of effect.

Of course, no man is always positive or controls everything. But it is important that you recognize and recognize the bright spots, even if you go through a still so dark valley.

It seems easy to talk, but from experience, I know it is. There is one Light that has overcome the darkness. That Light radiates to you from the throne of God. If you allow that Light into your darkened heart, God will show you His smile. He gives you peace, even though you are very tired and burdened. His Light dawns before you and offers you hope for a renewed life force.

“I want to die “is understandable, but not good.

“I want to die” is in itself an understandable wish, if you are in serious, deep psychological problems. That wish alone still offers you opportunities for a bright future. However, the act itself is a final choice. You will forever deprive yourself of the chance of recovery.

Kristen Anderson can talk about this. She wrote a book about unexpected bright spots in the dark of her life. I wrote a review about ' Reason to live' .

And that is why - however difficult to take that position sometimes - suicide is still and remains in the damned corner. Not in the sense of taboo, not talking about it. In the sense of a hopeless loss in eternity after this life.

Dear reader,I give everyone happiness and a hopeful future. That is also the reason to present this choice when you are in distress. The choice is the answer to the question: 'Are you for or against God? '

Do you want to open your heart to Him? Do you want to repent and ask forgiveness of your sins? If you do, God won't leave you alone. He will help you to get out of the valley that you are now (apparently) in.

Don't forget the rural helpline. Call 113 if you're in distress!

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