I want to go back

One by one we suffer from it:

It's those days when we get in our way,
Of those days when it's not good enough,
Of those days when the sun does not give warmth, although it still shines so brightly.

It's those days when we can cry for everything,
Grumble our first nature is,
Be sacherijnig mág.

We want to move forward,
But can not,
May not.

On some days it feels
As if we live on a desert island,
In a prison, we have to live out our days.

All emotions are allowed to:
Not only happiness is ordinary,
Sadness is part of it.

One by one we suffer from it,
One by one, we get a chance to hang in it for a while.
But if it takes too long,
we will do our best one by one to get the other optimistic and happy again.

Oh, my goodness, I just can't wait for us to enjoy life again in complete freedom, with our arms wide...

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