#iamnewhere  who can be my friend? I'm living in Brazil now but I'm argentinian. I love this country but the next year I'm return my travel around the world with my partner. we expatriated 6 months ago from our country due to the bad conditions and undertook a trip without return. we found many good people throughout these months that gave us and give us many opportunities to keep moving forward.we are a couple who like to explore and not spend much time in the same place. We love to experience exotic foods and mingle with the locals to make our experience even more rewarding.we study at the university biological careers, we both study paleontology and I also study anthropology so that observing and mixing is something that I am passionate about. We also practice sports such as soccer and volleyball and ocacionalmente yoga. we also like to swim and surf although he does it much better than me.we have already toured much of Argentina. we were in Patagonia watching whales and penguins, we were also in the mountain range admiring its majesty. we went to the missionary jungle to experience the power of the falls and then came to what is now our great rest.