Breaking the Outbreak


Once upon a time in Wuhan City,
An outbreak scared the global community.
The entire world was terrified badly,
When the disease spreaded widely.

Its case increased so rapidly,
Without showing tiresome even a single day.
It has afflicted country by country,
Without excluding even a first world country.

Its effect is felt by many,
Leaving fear to every community.
And to fight this unseen enemy,
Lockdown is imposed country by country.

The battle is not yet over,
Its challenging every frontliner.
But no one seems to surrender,
Until this war will be won over.

Some say it's wrath from above,
Or perhaps the prize for human's failing love.
And who's to be blamed is not the God Almighty,
But our kind ----- the HUMANITY.

Yet in this arduous time,
Blaming does not equate even a single dime.
And to set the world Covid-19 Free,
Stay at home to save HUMANITY.

Enhanced Community Quarantine we must obey,
This is the least that we can do today.
Above all let us pray,
To the Ones above us---- the God Almighty.