Getting started with Yoors in 5 easy steps

Just joined Yoors? Welcome aboard!

Now that you’ve finished signing up, here is how to get started.

As a brand new Yoorsie, it's perfectly normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the new information flowing your way. We've all been there at some point on our journey on this platform.

Fear not! On this post I will share with you a simple checklist to help you get started. But first, to fully understand how to interact on Yoors, it’s important to know a few key concepts.

Yoors is a multilingual platform that rewards content creators for the good content they put out, based on the engagement it generates from other members of the platform. It does this based on a system of points that are convertible to euros. That system works on the basis of five interconnected features:


On Yoors, likes are called hearts. Leaving a heart means you enjoyed a post or comment. Each heart is worth 10 points and 10 points are worth 1 cent of a euro. Click once on a heart under a post to automatically leave 10 points or double-click to leave a different amount.


Hashtags can be applied to a post to indicate what it is about. There is no limit to the number of hashtags you can attach to a post, but they must be relevant to what you are posting. Yoors hashtags have something different about them, though. To understand what it is, you must know about boosters and pools.


Boosters increase the number of points you receive when someone leaves a heart on a post or comment you wrote. The Yoors team regularly creates boosters but anyone on the platform can create them. There are a few different types, depending on the conditions attached to them. For example, boosters can benefit a single user or multiple users and they can apply to any post about any topic or only to posts about a specific topic. To learn more about boosters, you can watch this video tutorial I made about them.


Pools are daily competitions for people posting about a specific topic. Think of them as a number of Yoors points attached to a hashtag, which people can compete for by creating posts under that hashtag. The competition runs every day and the winner is the post that has the most points by midnight (Dutch time, since Yoors was created in the Netherlands). Do note that you have to pay a fee for each day you participate in a pool. When you create a post, Yoors assumes that you want to enter the most beneficial pool among all the hashtags you selected. But you can change or delete this option in the Yoors editor (see below).


Fairshare allows Yoorsies to help spread each other's content and can be mutually beneficial to the original poster and to the person who is sharing. The original poster gets more views, likes and comments and the person who is sharing gets the chance to receive half of the points that are generated by his or her share. This feature has recently been updated and you can learn more about it on this post from the creator of Yoors, @Henkjan de Krijger.

Now that you are familiar with the basic aspects of Yoors, here is your 5-step checklist to get started as an active Yoors member:

1. Upload a picture and write a brief introduction in your profile

(1) Click on your profile photo at the top. --> (2) Once you are taken to your profile page, click on the pencil icon to edit your profile. --> (3) Add a brief introduction and upload a profile picture and a header picture. --> Click the button refresh profile.

2. Create your first post introducing yourself to the community


On the navigation menu on the left, click on the + icon to launch the editor. --> (1) Write the title carefully (once you post, the URL based on the title cannot be changed). --> (2) Add content to your post. Since this is your first post, make sure to end it with the words #iamnewhere, so that other members can come by and say hello. --> (3) Use the toolbar to edit your text and to add photos and videos. --> (4) Edit the settings of your post. Here you can decide things like whether or not you want to add automatic translation to your post (currently only available into English) or create a paid post. This is also where you can change or delete the settings Yoors preselected for you regarding the pool in which your post will be entered (see the button "pool"). --> (5) Hit publish and voilà, your first post! --> (6) While you can also use the advanced editor, since this is your first post let's keep it simple for now. If you do decide to use the advanced editor, though, make sure to do it before you start creating your content, because if you change editors midway you will lose it.

3. Take a look at the most recent posts made by other Yoorsies