Helloooo¿ Who's there?


Curiosity, they say kills the cat but in this case, it led the cat to the 'fish'. I was taking a quick stroll along Facebook street and enjoying the sceneries adorned with pictures and videos posted by the inhabitants of that region when my inquisitive eyes caught sight of a new 'dude in the neighborhood'.

The following conversation ensued:
Me: Hello there, I'm Ekom Thompson. You're new here?

New dude: Not at all. I'm Yoors. Would you like to come in? I've got something for you.

Me: uhm, sure.

Yoors: I can help put a smile on your face. Those beautiful pictures and nice contents of yours, I can monetize them for you. Also, I can help you make friends with people from all works of life and...

Me: say no more Yoors, I'm in.

I already feel good here. It's nice meeting you.