Home and away

As you may be reading this, I am an ordinary teenaged girl. My life began in Holland when I was merely a child, yet I remember every moment I have ever encountered-every joy, every happiness, good, bad. Everything.People claim that not much people remember their infancy but I disagree. My mind seems to work like this: I remember such memories that had happened years ago but sometimes I can forget the most recent event that had happened-perhaps I was born like that. Perhaps I was made to keep the sacred memories , the ones I will remember for the rest of my life..  

Life was great in Holland. I had a great social life , good friends, an amazing house. We even had two parks opposite each whilst our house was right in the middle of it.Me and my siblings would always wake up each morning  and play there. Our house was grand. I can remember it vividly. When you enter it , it seems huge  like you are entering a mansion . Inside , the hallway was long and narrow and sitting at the side there was a ginormous, bright gold box full of toys which was made from straws. We, as siblings would  pick out a  toy everyday.This meant that we were never bored.

As far as school was concerned, I loved school. I was sociable . I talked a lot and had lots of friends. Back in Holland , school was really chilled out and I did not need to worry about a thing of what was going on in life.

But then I moved to England.

When I moved to England , that's when everything became insecure and difficult for me. It was a new environment, a new place. A new home. I felt scared and I was homesick. I had to learn fast in order to fit in properly.

At my first school , it took me a while to get at least one friend. That was hard for me. Everyone else had their own friendship groups sorted out and I felt like an outcast . I felt like I wasn't meant to be there and the more I felt like this, the more I missed Holland. However, this had changed as I had transferred to a different school closer to home.

This school, William Austin infant school was a lot better because: I felt that I did not need to travel a lot, I felt more comfortable  and I knew what to expect . However, it still proved difficult to make friends as I was timid  , lonely child still trying to fit in with society.

Thankfully, the days, weeks, months began to improve and I was beginning to gain a lot of friendship with my fellow class mates.Things improved and my future looked bright.

That was until I started high school.

I can still remember entering the main hall in year 7. Fresh out of primary and entering this whole new world where nothing was the same again. We all sat in rows waiting to be called. I was nervous. I was scared . I did not know what to expect.  After the first month of year seven , I finally started to settle down in this new life. I have to admit, it was extremely difficult to adjust to this new life but I managed to get used to it. For the first few weeks we were still getting to know each other but after a while we got along.

Or so I thought...

Halfway across the year, I remember a rumour had started to spread. This rumour was not a nice rumour at all.