I am not really new here, but I never got to introduce myself


I am not really new here, but I never got to introduce myself.

I was planning on making this post in May since I would be celebrating one year on Yoors, but then I decided to make this post right now and to be early.

To introduce myself, here are some facts about me:

1. I am currently trying to eat gluten-free and dairy-free foods.

2. I love The Sims 2 and I really like The Sims 4.

3. I learned how to play the guitar when I was 11.

4. I have self-published two books.

5. I have a YouTube channel.

6. I try to work out every day on the stationary bike for at least 30 minutes. It's hard sometimes, I'm not going to lie.

7. I am working on a book about mature topics, involving young characters.

That's it from me for now!
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Me and my love
#iamwhatiam Hello. it's me, with my greatest love, my dog Abra, a cross between Border Collie and Golden Retriever. I did not think you could feel such a deep, visceral and disinterested love for someone.
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A new quarterly online magazine for writers and visual artists
Clinkable AN INTRODUCTION - — By Adriana Barreiros (@Adriana) I had promised it some time ago and it's finally here. Clinkable, a brand new publication in English entirely dedicated to the arts and letters, is born at last. As I write the first few words ever to land on its virtual pages, I do so with hopeful optimism that this article will mark the beginning of a long, happy journey of discovery and growth.Clinkable's mission is to provide a welcoming home and playground for creatives, bringing you beautiful and lovingly created content in text, image, video and audio format.It will be a quarterly publication, with issues coming out in January, April, July and October. And, as you can read in our bio, though our home is and will always remain Yoo.rs, our ultimate goal is to reach readers everywhere.The first issue is now in the works. Much remains to be done and learned, but the process is the most joyful part of any endeavour, so I know it will be worthwhile.For the time being, submissions are not open and the content to be published will be found on the basis of direct invitations to writers and artists. This might change in the future, as the process of producing Clinkable kicks into full gear, so do keep an eye out for that. If you are reading this, I do want to sincerely thank you for your interest and invite you to follow our page, as in between issues there will be short posts to keep you updated on all Clinkable news and initiatives.My hope is that, in time, Clinkable will become not only a publication, but also a community. A space to engage, discuss and inspire each other in our creative endeavours. I look forward to welcoming you to it. © Clinkable | 2021#iamnewhere #clinkable #onlinemagazine #artsandletters #writing #visualarts