#iamnewhere  All bored we seek to have a hobby learning new things, experimenting on projects. Some watch videos on social networks, but today I have encouraged myself to make my own personalized pacman, I learned the GML programming language, and I can say that learning to make games is such a fabulous thing. First they taught me to do the sprints, where the character had to do with all his movements, yes, the pacman going up, down, to one side and the other and creating the pacman when he died, without a doubt it was very fun to create a Very yours version, of something so classic and popular, after that create the enemies, and finally the stage, after creating the scenic material and the characters you begin to create the logic of the game. Where you program the object or the event that it will do, when the pacman moves when the enemy is going to eat the pacman, or when it begins to collect the points but finally, we can create the sounds, and the effects for it. I would like to create a game for Yoo.rs if you support me, but I still don't know what you think. Today I want to say that I am so grateful for having learned this new skill.

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