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It's an article I wrote, to simply talk about what I think about "kindness". Hope you like it!😊

"In this desolated garden of withered flowers, the gleaming lights of purity and kindness shines and raises the curtain up, revealing beautiful blossoms blooming in bliss."

Kindness. What is it? What exactly is kindness? Where do we find it? How do we find it? And, what is its worth to us?- the questions that I've always been asking myself.

Kindness, as far as I understand, is a gentle, warm, selfless feeling of care and compassion for everything and the tendency to help everyone or to stop them when the time or act is wrong. Kindness takes different forms. The selfless, all-embracing, nurturing love of mother earth and sister nature is kindness. An unrequited, unconditional care for everything on this realm is kindness. Helping, supporting for the good, praising for the greats as well as reprimanding for the bad deeds is kindness. Though one might oneself be hurting, relieving the pains of others despite all of it is kindness. The way your family leads you out of the wrong path to the right, be it by helping to do good, or by scolding for doing bad is their kindness. The way a friend helps you in your workor prevents you, stops you from committing a mistake is kindness. The way a teacher helps the students learn better, solve the problems, praises for their achievements and scolds for their mischief is the kindness of a teacher. Kindness takes a lot of forms, doesn't it?

The way one acts to other when he puts himself in the other person's shoes reveals what kind of emotions he has. Kindness comes from deep within, but without too deep a thinking. It's as if kindness is a 'reflex action'. Like when you see a cute pup, you can't stop from petting it; kindness is the same. Like when you see someone in trouble, you can't help not helping them. I remember my friend saying, "Kindness is somewhat like what a friendship comprises of but yet doesn't require any sorts of relation at all."

Likewise, love and kindness, though seemingly similar, are quite different. They are often mistaken. The thing is, for the sole purpose of showing that you love a person, if you feign an act of kindness, that wouldn't be kindness at all. But with the one and only motive of seeing the better for others, if you show kindness to others, that would retain its meaning. To be exact, kindness has no reasons whatsoever. It is just an expression of compassion, care and selflessness which comes from within in order to make things better for others though in the course of doing so the expresser might be affected.

The way a candle burns, in the quiet darkness of dusk, flickering and fluterring, radiating light, burning its own wick, slowly melting off its own wax, and gradually meeting its end but not stopping to give what it has to; that unconditional selfless act is kindness.

Kindness is the gentle, warm, flickering light that shows the path out of this darkness-enriched world of misery, sorrow and sadness. Kindness is the true form of beauty that turns any person gorgeous however they may look like. Kindness is the bond that binds humanity. A small torch, that will show us the path out of this labyrinth of pain and sufferings with the cessation of conflicts and violence and into the beautiful world of happiness and bliss.