My Introduction


Where are you from ? #Iamfrom
• I am raj ramos from:
• Pangasinan, Philippines
• born in Negros Occ., Philippines

What do you study or is your profession? #Study #Job
• Bachelor of Religious Education @ Doane Baptist Seminary
• A Pastor
• preaching

What do you like most ? #likemost
• My country: Philippines
• The Bible and related books
• sharing and listening to ideas

What's your hobbies ? #hobbies
• Reading
• writing

Where are you gonna use the money you earn at Yoors for ? #money
• not sure about this yet,😅

What are you looking for ? #Iamlookingfor

• Opportunities to grow
• Insightful Ideas
• a place to share something

What do you watch, read, listen ? #WatchReadListen
• Bible
• conversation that matters (podcast)
• sports:nba