Once I was new here... :)

#iamnewhere Once I was ! After 3 years here on Yoors, it's time for a proper introduction in the new style.

Two years ago I introduced myself in this blog :

Where are you from ?

#Iamfrom Belgium.
 I live in a village in the heart of Flanders, where nature is just around the corner.
Unfortunately it is also the place where the war has left it's marks .
Although it's a small village, it's full of live. 

 What is your profession ? #Study#Job

I am a teacher in my own village.

What do you like most ? #likemost

  •  My family and nature.  
  • Coffee in the morning and champagne in the evening. 
  • Good, healthy food. (from my own garden if possible !)
  • Travelling.

What are your hobbies ? #hobbies

-> Writing on Yoors.

-> Singing with Cara Rua.

-> Acting. I play in theatre since I was 19.

-> Travelling and photography.

Where are you gonna use the money you earn at Yoors for ? #money

I have a seperate bank account where I put the money I earn from writing, singing and other hobbies.
Most of the money goes to investments in equipment for photography, singing, writing... It's a kind of recycling. :)

What are you looking for ? #Iamlookingfor

More time for writing, singing, photography, walking, growing my own food, healthy cooking, quality life...

What do you watch, read, listen ? #WatchReadListen

I love to watch good movies or series. Right now I'm watching 'Absentia'.
I read a lot of stuff about the brain, subconsciousness and I love a good thriller.
When I listen to a song, I prefere the words before the melody.