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The day I saw her for the first time was the day everything changed. My whole life reshaped itself. Suddenly, everything began to have sense. And it became even better later on.

First, let me tell you about that special day that I, Jacob Jordan Black, I would never ever dare forget.

As I stood in a meadow hidden among the woods in my wolf form, I was thinking what a boring life I had. I was so young, yet I hadn't accomplished many things in life. Heck, people were graduating from prestigious schools, getting married, searching for jobs, exploring the world, and here I was, sitting in a meadow.

For me, sitting in the meadow as the wolf had marked the end of my human days.
Not a long time ago, I had learned that I was born as a shapeshifter. The elders of my tribe and my brothers soon showed me the wolf that had been slumbering inside of me that now was bristling to finally awaken.

The story about us was too long and too complicated. I had shifted for the first time just a few months ago when I was only sixteen. And with the phasing came a perk or curse, depending on how you looked at it. I stopped ageing... I was pulled from school so that I could learn how to control my transformations. So many lost opportunities. Since I wasn't attending school, I was unable to graduate. Therefore, I was unable to get a job and help my handicapped father.

Hard life.

Mad world.

My thoughts were soon interrupted by the sounds of small footsteps. I turned my head and saw the silhouette of a girl.


A little girl with braided ginger hair, dressed in nice clothes, was running wildly about the field.

My first thought was that she was just a child playing amongst the flowers and grass. If only I knew...

Something in her was quite... what's the word again? Attractive? No. I couldn't even express myself at that moment. Something about the girl was extraordinary and I was already determined to find out what.

What was that something? Was it the way her braid was sashaying, while she was running? Was it her white as pure snow skin? She definitely had that. But something pulled me to her - kind of like magnets or gravity.


Who was this?

A brown-haired young woman approached the child. Was she her mom? Her "daughter" didn't even look like her.

"But Momma!" I could hear the little girl whining. Perhaps her mother had told her it was time to go home.

"Come on, we have to go!"

The child sighed and obediently followed her mom. It was obvious she was upset. Like she wanted to stay here forever. I mean, who wouldn't? The meadow was a heavenly place to relax, or in her case - to play with imaginary friends and plants, to play pretend.

I was curious to see why the woman had taken her child so abruptly - what was the hurry? And, the sound of her voice. There was that inkling in the back of my mind again! I knew her.

Why was the timbre of her voice so familiar for me?

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