For the next few days, all I could think of was the mysterious child. Why was she so alluring? Who was the woman with her and from where did I know her? Too many questions in such little time.

For days I had been unable to eat or sleep properly and both my father plus my best friend Seth had noticed.

"Are you sure you're alright? I can see there's something wrong," Seth one day said, after my lame excuse for being late for the pack meeting.

"I'm fine," I mumbled and told him to just let it go. He shrugged. It was like he was fine with that.

By the time I had managed to collect all my thoughts, some time had passed. Three years, to be exact. Three years, which I hadn't wasted. I had temporarily stopped phasing and my body had resumed ageing.

Bless homeschooling! It helped me graduate and even start a job. Finally, I got something to keep me occupated from thinking about the girl. I hadn't even gotten to learn her name. How sad.

At the weekend, after a long and tiring week, I had found peace in the meadow - the place where I had seen her first. How much I missed her, even though I didn't know her personally. Was it possible?

I had heard tales about imprinting - an immediate process in which a shapeshifter found his soulmate. The bond between the imprinter and the imprintée was so strong, it couldn't be broken. He would be all she needed - a friend, a brother, a protector. Maybe even a lover.

Had that happened to me? Had I imprinted on the child?

How sick! Sicker than Lolita and Humbert.

I was lying in the grass, feeling guilty for lying to everyone and hiding my true feelings. They were just trying to help me and I was pushing them away, like a complete fool.

The sky was so clear. It didn't match my mood. When was the weather going to do so? Couldn't I feel like the king of the world for at least once?

"Hey," I heard a faint voice. A childlike one. I raised my head to see...

A ginger-haired girl.

Her? Again?


First of all, her locks of hair were nearly reaching her knees.

Second of all, she looked way older than the last time I had seen her. She looked like she was no older than a middle school student.

I stood tall in front of her. Compared to my six feet something frame, hers seemed to be possibly four feet something.

"My name is Renesmee," she spoke calmly and stuck out her hand to greet me. I shook it back politely.

Renesmee. What a magical name!

Renesmee. Ruh. Nez. May. A name as beautiful, as the tiny angel-like girl standing right in front of me.

"Well?", she had a questioning look on her face.

Had I stared for too long?

"My-my na-name i-is J-Jacob," I stuttered.

"Jacob who?", she raised an eyebrow. How did people actually do that? "There are so many Jacobs in this world. You know that don't you?", continued Renesmee.

"Jacob. Jacob Jordan Black," I spoke and scratched my neck awkwardly.

She chuckled and sat on the grass. What else could I do, besides join her?

Renesmee (how did they call her for shorter?) stood silent. It was my turn to start the conversation. I started asking her random questions. By the time she had to go back home, I had learned so many things about her.

First, unlike me, she had no siblings. Instead, she had a big family. She had grown up with her mom, her dad, her grandparents and her aunts and uncles. That was definitely a huge family.

Second, she really loved exploring the woods.

"It calms me down," Renesmee told me. She added that her grandparents were also nature enthusiasts and would often take her on hikes where they would take impromptu photoshoots.

Suddenly, the ginger-haired angel jumped on her feet and announced that she had to head home. My heart sank. Was I going to see her the next day?

"Wait!", I called. She stopped walking and turned to face me. I asked her if she was going to come back soon.

"Tomorrow, Jacob," she said and left.

What I knew was that Renesmee was not human. She definitely wasn't. She didn't smell like one, neither looked like one. She was far too beautiful to be an ordinary girl.

But what was she?


RENESMEE - [1] (a The Twilight Saga Fan Fiction