Small details make big difference

It is really a pleasure and honor to be able to belong to this great family in yoor I hope to meet many friends here and also to be able to share some things that I like so much.

I am a fairly calm person, who loves photographs and movies, I think they both give us a message, it's great how they convey something to the viewer.

A pleasure to greet you and belong here. #iamnewhere 
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Hi! New friends, nice to meet my name is Carlos
#imnewhere   Hi! How are you? I introduce myself, my name is Carlos Rangel, I am 19 years old, I am a Middle Technician in Commerce and Administrative services Mention: Accounting and I am a certified International Community Manager and Instagram manager (At the moment I only do it for myself and for friends and family). I am passionate about marketing, it is a career which I would like to study, I love political, economic, social issues of Venezuela and the world, I like geography and history and something that I would love to do in the future is to be a travel blogger. At the moment I am falling in love with graphic design, I hope to raise enough money to pay for the course. I find in Yoors a fun and innovative platform, where I can meet people from different countries, talk about different topics, get more knowledge and get inspired and get creativity. ¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? Me presento, mi nombre es Carlos Rangel, tengo 19 años, soy Técnico Medio en Comercio y Servicios Administrativos Mención: Contabilidad y soy Community Manager Internacional certificado y administrador de Instagram (de momento solo lo hago por mi y para amigos y familiares). Soy un apasionado del marketing, es una carrera que me gustaría estudiar, me encantan los temas políticos, económicos, sociales de Venezuela y el mundo, me gusta la geografía y la historia y algo que me encantaría hacer en el futuro es ser un bloguero de viajes. En este momento me estoy enamorando del diseño gráfico, espero recaudar suficiente dinero para pagar el curso. Encuentro en Yoors una plataforma divertida e innovadora, donde puedo conocer gente de diferentes países, hablar sobre diferentes temas, obtener más conocimientos e inspirarme y desarrollar la creatividad.
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Pearl in Prison (108)
... makes the Pietje very tricky... Critical or encouraging?  - Follow-up story Kalle en Pietje, part 108 Especially Judith makes Pietje very difficult during the next talks. Her critical, grumbling attitude remains in tact and Pietje feels the uncertainty increase. I don't know everything yet, Judith, cries them out in despair. My faith is only in its infancy. Fortunately, Mel encourages her. We learn together here, girls.. We are allowed to get to know that God of Pietje more and more. And in addition, you are our God-beloved inspirer, Pietje. By the way, I'm happy with those questions from you, Judith, because that keeps us both sharp.. Judith surprises Pietje with the comment: you are a strong pearl in God's hand and I would like to know more about that. I think God gives you the words, so you don't have to be afraid of us. Pietje feels her cheeks now turn red.   The keyword for this month in the @140woorden challenge is morning star . A nice word to incorporate into my follow-up story this month. In addition, the Alpha course an important source of inspiration for this story about Kalle and Pietje. The image is taken from the Pixabay account from moritz320 . Other volumes Kalle and Pietje - Kalle en Pietje at the beach - A separate feeling (5) - Alphaweekend on the Holy Spirit (27) - Visit at home of detention (49) - Read more - Prison care in Nieuwersluis (71) - Good night, Pietje! (93) - Voorstel Alpha course (107) - Read more - Who or what is the morning star? - Something very new.. {het verhaal van James} - Forgiveness out of love - Did you put your shoe? - #pearl #encourage #Alphacursus #followstory #140w Would you also like to co-write or comment, but you are not yet a member of Yoors? Then sign up here... - logon