That night, Jade was lying in Beck's arms after they had made love to each other. Alas, while he was sleeping peacefully, she could not. All she could think of was the script. What could she write about? Sikowitz relied on her - she was his best student and she couldn't let him down.

Beck's light snoring and the noises from outside couldn't help her relax. Instead, her eyes were wide open, her body terrified to wiggle in fear she would wake her boyfriend up. She loved him so much, she didn't want to disrupt the sleep he needed.

Whenever she closed her eyes, all she could remember was the script. It was like her body refused to let her forget about it for even one second.

At some point, Beck shifted around in the bed before opening his eyes only to see that his girlfriend was still awake in the middle of the night.

"Why aren't you sleeping?", he murmured, drowsy, "What time is it?"

"I can't," she spoke, her voice sounding unusually raspy.

Beck looked at her as serious as he could in his half-asleep state, "Is it about the script?"

"Duh," Jade grunted and rubbed her face with her palms. She involuntarily let out a yawn, beginning to get tired, but refusing to rest. How could she? She had to think about the script!

Beck shot her a look that clearly demanded her to go to sleep. Alas, Jade had other plans.

"Just go back to bed, I'll be fine," she waved her hand carelessly and untangled herself from his arms, bringing her laptop closer to herself.

As Beck was about to close his eyes and fly back to dreamland, he had an idea that he was sure was going to help his girlfriend with her script: "Why don't you write about your life? About your feelings?"

In his eyes, it wasn't a bad approach. Many writers took inspiration from their own experiences. But Jade couldn't agree with him. She didn't want everybody to see the vulnerable girl behind the mask she wore. She couldn't let anybody see her weak. There were things not even Beck or her best friend Cat knew about and she preferred it that way. She strongly believed that secrets were meant to be kept. And what if she listened to Beck and everybody (or even somebody) realized that the play was about her... what would they say or do? Would they feel sorry for her? Would they humiliate and reject her?

Despite the fact that she wasn't known around as a sweet or even a nice person, she didn't mind that most of the times. She preferred discarding people rather than the other way around. Not even a handful of people had begun to break down her walls. And they still hadn't broken them completely. She doubted someone could ever do that.

"The audience doesn't have to know it's about you," he reminded her before he fell back asleep. God, he knew her so well!

With that, Jade attempted to spend the remained of the night outlining, alas she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer and ended up in Beck's bed, getting her much needed sleep.

THE SCRIPT [1] - a Victorious Fan Fiction