IJ Start Canon TS3122 Printer Wi-Fi Setup

This tutorial will walk you through the method required to successfully set up your TS3122 printer in Wireless (WIFI) configuration.
IJ Start Canon TS3122 Printer Wi-Fi Setup?

How do you set up your Canon printer wirelessly? What can be the correct method to connect canon wireless printer. The answer to all these questions is IJ Start Canon Video. One thing to be clarified that why is printer offline.

  • Before starting, there are several terms that you are need to meet to be able to use the WPS push button method.
    The most important thing that you need to ensure is that your router needs to have a physical WPS push button on it.
  • Before going forward with the process, you need to check the user guide of your device in order to obtain the information to run it properly.
  • In case the WPS push button is not available, then you can carry out the instructions that are given under standard connection method.