Ikea Keukenplanner - Our Experience

We've let our eye fall on a #keuken of the #Ikea . Ideal because you can quietly combine it in terms of colors, style and types of cabinets. Do you want to read about our experience with the Ikea Kitchen Planner (s)?

We knew for a long time that we wanted to look for our new kitchen at Ikea. We hear a lot of stories about the good quality of a kitchen from Ikea. Completely nice is that you can install it yourself or have it done. That first is our preference, of course. So on a child-free Sunday, the two of us went to the Ikea to watch #inspiratie to put on. We got absolutely nice ideas there.

At home, we have online via the #keukenplanner sit around and puzzle with what would not be possible and what would not be possible. When we saved the first plans we made an appointment online with a kitchen planner from the Ikea who can give advice and help design your kitchen.

Last Friday we had this deal. In advance, we had received clear instructions via email and an invitation to the appointment via Teams. Ideal especially now in corona time. And by putting the phone on speaker, we both could hear the employee just fine. For an appointment, they take two hours. That sounds like a lot, but it'll be over soon. We had already prepared everything well, we had on paper what our absolute wishes were and what we still had questions about.

The employee of Ikea had already looked at our online kitchen planner (you can send them in advance) and made some adjustments. Really super nice that thinking along and that feeling we had the whole deal. It was thought about literally everything! From the handles (which we had not planned, because we wanted touch. This can't be done on the devices so she came up with other ideas) to tips on the sink to take it a bit narrower, so that the dishwasher fits on the same side and there is more space on the long side, to organize the drawers and the benefits of them and the tips and tricks to add order for assembly. But most of all I am satisfied with the advice for the worksheet. We didn't know which worksheet we wanted and chose one during the appointment. The employee indicated that she wanted to order directly for us, but she still strongly recommended to come by for a look at the currently selected worksheet. So it was not directly for sale, but mainly to sell us a kitchen that is to your liking. Everything we have had as a quotation within a few minutes after the appointment on the mail to check and check the price. I was able to order it after we saw the worksheets, by responding to the mail.

So said, so done. A day later, together with the lady, visited the Ikea. The gentlemen were busy chopping out the tile floor in the kitchen. The worktop we had chosen turned out to be the most beautiful in our chosen kitchen. Once home in the evening sent a response to the quotation. The next day (on Sunday!) I was called about the delivery date, which is fixed immediately. There was just to be sure about the sizes (this because we are going to expand the kitchen) and explained again about possible afterdelivery (unfortunately by corona, this was already told at the online appointment).

To date, we are very satisfied with how Ikea treats their customers and we think the clear with which they communicate is very good. Of course, there needs to be sold, but we think it is very important to listen to. This is very well done. And all our wishes have been met. For example, we only wanted a cabinet in which the refrigerator fits, because our current built-in refrigerator is not yet a year old. This could all be arranged as well.

This is the result of the planning we have now made and the way the kitchen will look. I'm curious when we're going to get started with the placement later, because the beginning of the new year will be. You guys too 😉?

Love Kim