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Going natural - get to know me

Going natural - get to know me

I grew up in the country side and since little I have seen my dad sowing, planting and growing fresh produce. My mum has always been a great cook and whipped up recipes all year long using homegrown “vitamins”. I didn’t know better and thought that the whole wide world was growing their own veggies and fruits. Without realizing I was raised in an amazing healthy way.

If that is not luxurious living!

Later on during travels and while meeting other people and cultures I got to discover more. It was then that I realized that natural is not only about food and movement.

Travelling makes you richer.

You get to learn about other people, develop yourself in many ways and become even more open minded to further explore the world, develop your own skills and through all this find your “thing”.

Aloe Vera came into my life a few years ago. I experienced the products (very positive and healing) and decided I wanted to work with like-minded people. The positivity of the colleagues, the self-development, the personal growth and most of all helping and coaching others is very motivating.

There are different ways to go natural - It’s very diverse and each person can find an own way. Develop a lifestyle you can keep up with naturally.

Remember…you are never alone!


Dit heb je mooi geschreven!
28-06-2017 07:15
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Ilse Dumont
28-06-2017 14:40
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Forever FeelGood
Ik antwoord in het Nederlands want mijn Engels is minder :-). Ook ik werk met Aloe Vera producten en ben enthousiast over de producten. Gezondheid loopt als een rode draad door mijn leven en het is leuk als je van je hobby je beroep kunt maken toch. Mijn droom is ooit deels in een zonnig land te wonen. Ik ga jou volgen.
23-06-2017 12:20
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