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Healthy Living - What is it really?

Healthy Living - What is it really?

Are you just living your “food life” day to day or are you a freak (some people think of it this way) and going into extreme ways of eating in some way or another? Are you enjoying any kind of food or are you on a constant diet, whether you need to lose weight or not? Are you a vegetarian, a vegan, a breatharian, a paleo, a keto, a juicer or are you on a belief based diet?

Maybe you are thinking that healthy living is about living in a certain area or country. Or is it all about your daily sport routine? Are you moving to the sea side or are the mountains more your thing? Do you start to run or bike? Maybe you make yoga and meditation your next adventure?

It is difficult to define what healthy living is all about…everyone has a different approach or advice.

To me healthy living is finding a balance between food and exercise that works for you.

FOOD is fuel. Don’t go into extremes when it comes to food. Check what kind of food you really like and enjoy it but be reasonable. Make sure you don’t over-indulge on bad sugars and alcohol. A daily portion of good proteins, vitamins and minerals that our body needs is essential. Some additional added nutrition is an option if needed for your body. (First check with your GP)

If it helps you can keep a food diary. Write down everything you eat for a day or a week. (Make sure you don’t skip on things you feel bad or ashamed about) After writing it all down you will be able to see exactly what is acceptable and what is not so good into your daily diet. You will for sure know how you can adjust your future menus in a healthy way. Which food should be added, left out, increased or less.

EXERCISE is another important factor. You will have to be honest on how much physical activity you do in 1 week. How intense is your activity? How much variety do you get and most importantly do you enjoy the activity? If you not yet, start today with a simple walk or maybe a bike ride and build it from there. There are plenty of videos on the internet to inspire young and not so young. You can join a club or opt to be more active with your friends. If you are already active, check out if you do enough or too much, if you can mix it up with other sports.

Many people want to start a healthy lifestyle or tried to start but don’t know how to get things organised in order to enjoy it. Watching videos only or listening to tons of advice only is not a sport or activity. For those who need a program to follow (food or sport), someone to push and train you or a challenge with serious follow up. Don’t be afraid to get a personal coach for a while or other professionals who can stand by your side for the time needed.

Healthy living is within everyone’s reach.

You can start today. It will not become a lifestyle during a flash moment. It’s a long-term commitment but there are steps you can take that will make today healthier and pave the way for tomorrow too. Keep the balance!!!