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Interview with Lily Abori

Interview with Lily Abori

Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Lilian Abori. I’m from Mombasa City in Kenya but currently working in Doha Qatar. I will be turning 30yrs in a few months. I’m a Chef by profession.

How did you hear about Forever Living?

I met Ilse through her husband whom I was working with. She introduced me to forever living about 1 year ago after which I ended up learning a lot through her and the various trainings.

Which is your most favorite product?

I have 3 favorite products…The aloe gel drink, the aloe ever-shield deodorant and the forever aloe scrub. They are important because of my occupation. The gel drink helps detoxing my body which is good because I’m tasting numerous amounts of dishes daily. The deodorant helps me to keep fresh all day; it’s also nice to know that there are no aluminum salt in this product. Last but not least the scrub is good for me to clean all the grease from my face after being all day in the kitchen at work.

Where do you see yourself in about 5 years?

I see myself progressing business wise because forever living gives a good change to grow in a lot of ways at your own rhythm. You can build your network with good friends who are business minded or looking for good products and you also get to know new friends.

What do you like most about forever living?

What I like most is their originality of products, the teamwork and offering great chances to grow personally and financially. You can do this all around your existing job.

Oh interessant verhaal zeg. Leuk hoe je iedereen zo leert kennen!
10-07-2017 18:43
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Forever FeelGood
Een leuk verhaal zo.
08-07-2017 14:17
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