Import hair from Vietnam - Gain or Loss and Useful Tips for you

Vietnam is one of the most famous markets for hair extensions around the world. That's why many people wonder how to import hair from Vietnam. In this article, I will give you all the information you need regarding importing hair from Vietnam.

1. Import hair from Vietnam - Gain or Loss

Many people plan to import hair from Vietnam to start their hair extension business. However, they are still wondering whether they should import hair from Vietnam or not, will this be a benefit or a business failure?

If you import hair from Vietnam for business, you will have the best quality hair extensions. Vietnamese hair is considered one of the best quality hair extensions on the market. Vietnamese hair extensions are extremely smooth, shiny and beautiful.

In addition,Vietnamese hair extensions price is extremely reasonable so that you can import hair from Vietnam. If you compare the price of Vietnamese hair extensions with the prices of Chinese or Indian hair extensions, you will surely find that the cost of Vietnamese hair extensions is higher. However, this means that the quality of Vietnamese hair is better, you can use it for up to 8 years without changing new hair extensions.

If you can import hair from Vietnam and resell it to your customers, you will surely get loyal customers. For the hair extensions market, quality is always a top priority. If you provide good quality hair extensions, customers will trust and only buy from you.

So it can be concluded that if you import hair from Vietnam, it will bring you a lot of benefits from quality, price to reputation. So importing hair from Vietnam is definitely a gain for you!

2. Useful tips for you if you want to import hair from Vietnam

Importing hair from Vietnam gives you a lot of benefits, but not everyone knows how to import hair from Vietnam. Here are some helpful tips to make importing your hair from Vietnam easier.

Always check the reputation of Vietnamese hair factories. It is undeniable that Vietnam has many human hair factories, but not all of them are reputable. So you need to check if the factory you work with is reputable by video calling to see the factory and products.

Always ask carefully the price of hair before deciding to import hair from Vietnam. Asking the price of a hair extension factory in Vietnam will help you prepare your business plan. If you know the price at which you will import hair from Vietnam, you will know how to resell and make a profit.

Check the order carefully before agreeing to the hair extension factory to deliver. You can ask that factory to take photos and videos of your order so you can see the quality and quantity of your order. This is extremely important when you want to import hair from Vietnam, it will help you avoid serious problems after receiving the goods such as missing orders or receiving poor quality goods.

Above are the notes that you need to know and should apply when you want to import hair from Vietnam. Careful in the process of importing hair from Vietnam is absolutely necessary because this is a form of online business.

3. 5S Hair factory is a great choice to import hair from Vietnam

If you are in need of importing hair from Vietnam and have not found a reputable and good quality factory, 5S Hair factory is an option that you can consider.

5S Hair factory is one of the largest hair extension factories in Vietnam with experience working with people who want to import hair from Vietnam. Therefore, they are extremely professional in business documents as well as customs.

Customers of 5S Hair are extremely satisfied with the quality of products they receive. Therefore, up to now, 5S Hair has exported hair around the world.

5S Hair has a team of professional staff ready to support and advise you with the necessary information related to hair extensions. They always work 24/7 to bring the best experience to customers.

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