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Importance of schools

Schools play an important role in forming the basis of education system and personalities. The purpose of schools in making the primary foundation of learning and knowledge given to children. Students learn about different fields of education like history, literature, mathematics, and other subjects. The importance of schools in our lives is inevitable, yet every child deserves to get admitted in schools. It is the prime responsibility of governments to make school education free so that every child is able to get basic education in life.

Importance of schools:

Gain of knowledge:

You get to learn about variety of things at schools. the subjects of science, English, Urdu, mathematics, drawing enhances your mind capacity, creativity, and ability to think. These subjects also help in determination of your interest in a particular subject.

Socializing ability:

School is the first place where children learn to socialize. They meet children of their age, teachers, and make friends. It gives them the confidence to participate in class, events, functions, and competitions. Socialization is an important factor in the formation of personalities. know that your child learns and observe the behavior of others around them. It is the duty of parents to observe what habits they are learning.

Overall Development

Schools are not just meant for learning science facts, singing poems, learning grammar, literature, or solving difficult mathematical questions. They play an essential role in the overall development of personalities. Nowadays, students learn the basic etiquettes of life and living, develop hobbies, make mistakes, develop a calm or furious nature, learn social skills, and others. It is the duty of parents to keep an eye on what kind of company they are sitting and playing in.


Your future depends upon your school life and grades. When you start applying for jobs you will encounter hundreds and thousands of applicants applying for the same job. School life and education play an important role in applying for jobs and employment opportunities. Your skills, learning, and confidence determine your interview clearance and know that these things are learnt in school life.

Problem solving strategies:

Life is not smooth. You get to face many problems in your life, workplaces, and colleges or universities. School life build your problem-solving ability without you knowing. Ut helps in the development of logical and critical mind. It develops your ability to make decisions.

Prosperous and happy life:

Is there any link between happy life and schools? The answer is a big yes. School life education grades and personality development helps you get a good job as well as refrains you from the mistakes you made in early life. A good job makes you financially strong and solves your economic problems as well.

Friends for life:

You must have read somewhere that school life is best life. Yes, the school life is made wonderful by our friends. You meet your true friends in school life. Never leave the friends you made at school.

Economic growth and society building:

Schools builds societies. The students it nurtures then form societies and communities. It also plays a role in economic growth of country.

Schools are mandatory. Let your children get school education.

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