In the backyard

I have lost count: I do not remember exactly how long we have been inside and we get our fresh air in the garden. I don't want to count anymore because there's no point: time doesn't go through faster.

The days are actually beyond expectation. The kids, because that's what I was most worried about, are doing so incredibly well. Occasionally a small fire among themselves, but that's no more than normal when you sit on each other's neck 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and get no other stimuli at all.

At the dead moments, we only live out in the garden extra. We play a game of football, throw over with the ball, the kids ride a bike or we make some music. Sometimes they feel like it more than another time; that's why this mommy needs to take a break and act ectra crazy.

In the pictures a serenade for two of my toppers.
The intention is to unleash all the muscles outside, as you can see in the pictures we are doing very well: even the laughing muscles were covered!

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