“May I walk the dog in the evening??'
That was allowed last week, but that proved to be no success. Naja, the exhaust itself wasn't a problem, but what preceded it was some sort of struggle.
I woke Amelie (she most often asks for it) at half past 12 p.m. I expected to see a pleasantly surprised girl, to finally walk outside in the dark. I was deceived: no sweet little angel woke up, but a huge dragon.
“Yes and???? Why do you have to wake me up?”
“That's what you asked. You wanted to go in the dark so I'm waking you up for that now.”
“I don't want to go outside at all!”
“Good too, go back to sleep, lady.”
“I don't want to sleep at all! But why are you waking me up?? I didn't ask for anything!”
“It's all right.., sleep well, moppy.”
“I'm not a moppy at all.. And I don't want to sleep at all! I'm never allowed to go outside anyway!”
(Aaaargghh!!!) “You can go outside now, I'll wake you up for that.”
“Well, then I'm going to get dressed, but not because I want to, because I don't want to at all. And I don't want to sleep either.!!!”
“Is good.., what you want..”
“I should never get anything.. And I don't want anything at all!”
Outside she thawed and cheerfully came to tell what she had seen on the way. Her morning mood at the late night was happily gone - so we could have a nice drink of hot chocolate.
I imagined never waking her again after that night.! But yes.., the question to join in the dark continued to be repeated.
Tonight was a kind of New Year's Eve: the stuff was allowed to stay up — all on their own bed, with a screen and a nice lollipop. So we had an hour of rest in the house.
At half past eleven, it was finally this far: Casper was allowed to whipping and caking and all the kids were allowed to join.
Three with a flashlight, one with a night light and one with a camera.
It was a challenge to control the enthusiasm: all of them had something to tell and ask — preferably over the other's voice. But hey, although not so many people live here, we do take each other into account.
'Ssssssht! Talk softly..'
They did it because they want all this again: preferably tomorrow!
I'm not telling you that is absolutely not going to happen..because then I fear five times a morning mood on the late evening..

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