Incoming Messages (Follow-up Bottle)

The story continues in the diamond mine in Africa, where a true fantasy/horror story takes place. On this interpretation I will work on a number of episodes. Possibly that after that another writing genre will get a place.

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What happened yesterday?

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For the night, Sylvia and Jaap can sleep on David's bus. Tomorrow time to move to Kolmannskop and after that it will be really exciting.

The night is restless, both for me in the mine and for the three on the bus. The men of Jaap found a place together with the miners and the soldiers in the big tent. I, too, have a restless night with the creature. I'm on the couch, back in the mine. The creature has remained behind, but we also decided tomorrow to move to Kolmannskop to see if a way up there is possible.

With charcoal I made a drawing of the road I'm going to have to walk, The distance is too great for me to cross within a day, but she has a solution for that, I have no idea what that will be but this is one of the points that makes me that sleepless night worried.

She was supposed to be making preparations this night, apparently she needs less sleep than I do.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of Sylvia and what she's hopefully doing to save me and the mine.

Upstairs, now here in the mine, the night didn't go very quiet either. The incident in the mine with the monster who could just kill two people is the conversation of the day. Bas is gathering like a rabid stuff to leave. He also sees that there is probably no future in this mine which is now considered dangerous by his own men.

In one of the cottages, light is still burning. Messages are sent through 27MC, into the world. Descriptions of what is happening in the mine, but also facilities, numbers of people and distribution throughout the area. Even the license plate of the bus that is now on the point of departure has been sent. To whom?

A few miles away, David lies in one of his luxurious chairs, a blanket spread over him, Sylvia has made it as comfortable as possible for Jaap and David. When she's done, she sees lights on in front of the bus. I don't know what it means, but she's taking a seat on the driver's seat. A slight noise becomes audible.

It seems like a voice is trying to penetrate into the night. After a few examinations, the volume knob is found and she turns it a little harder, something because she doesn't want to wake anyone up.

A series of numbers and numbers enters her, without context this is strange, yet she writes down the numbers. Then a message about people, quantities, in cottages, and then a description of people in a large central building.

Sylvia has no idea what this is about, yet she wrote everything down. It's quiet for a while and now she decides to find her own bed at the bottom of the bus. The night is only short, and she will still need her rest.