The Amuzi Learn is a prestigious institution that offers digital Marketing based Courses to all those ambitious candidates who want to upskill themselves and boost their careers. We take pride in shaping the future 0f numerous successful digital marketing experts across the country for the last 10 years.
Amuzi Learn is located at AH- 305, Sector II, Salt Lake City, right in the center of Kolkata, the city of joy! Pin: Kolkata 700091.
We provide multiple advanced and masters level world-class digital Marketing based courses. Therefore, no matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert in terms of learning digital marketing, we have a specified course for you that will take your career to the next level.
Each of our seven courses provides a job-ready certification program in digital marketing, the most famous arena right now to promote a business online and reach a global audience. In return, every student can establish themselves in today’s digital marketing-based industry. Some of our former students are withdrawing high wages in bigshot companies across the planet, and the rest are generating huge revenue from their websites.
We start with a psychometric test to know which one of our digital marketing-based courses will be most suitable and beneficial for you. Besides, this aptitude test helps the candidates to know what they are best at, and which career path will be best for them.
Amuzi Learn has brought an effective career igniter program that has already been notably beneficial for thousands of students. Here our learners get to know their potential, skills, and, what they are best at. Then we provide them with a dedicated career counselor who will guide them, throughout the entire journey until they get hired by a profound enterprise.
In addition to these, the Academy also provides a course on content writing, the upcoming medium through which all writers, can make money and add value to several organizations. . It involves learning how to write a variety of topics, including technical, creative, academic, blog, press releases, and more. We offer digital Marketing based lessons on graphic design, which makes you a creative graphic designer who can independently design a website, contribute to running social media content, and many more activities that demands hiring graphic designers.
Each digital Marketing based course concludes with creating our student's portfolios, and attractive resumes, brushing up their communication skills, and other soft skills that employers look for, and making them ready to crack any interview.
Amuzi Learn has handpicked some of the most qualified trainers and mentors among the industry experts right now, so that our students get cutting-edge instructions to enhance their career path, and achieve the best digital marketing-based skills.
This institute offers courses for all students at an affordable cost with flexible learning hours, making it simple for our students to complete the courses at their pace, upskill themselves, and land their dream jobs.
We, at Amuzi Learn, provide guaranteed internship, and 100% placement assistance after the completion of the course.

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