Inktober 2020 dag 30, Ominous

Ze hadden nooit die foute afslag moeten nemen. Het begon al te schemeren en  oomRoon voelde zich niet helemaal op zijn gemak.  Enge gedachten speelden door zijn hoofd. In een veldje keek een vogelverschrikker hem met holle ogen onheilspellend aan.  Ooms hart sloeg spontaan enkele keren over toen hij het ding zag bewegen. Met enige urgentie loodste oom zijn nichtje langs de dreiging. Vanachter de pompoenkop keken twee verstoorde kraaien het duo nog even na.
#inktober #diniedezeeuw #diniez 
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Cover - Let her go - Passenger
#cover   #lethergo #passenger #music   #piano   #onlyplan   #yoorsoriginalvideo Yesterday I already told you in the previous blog that I had a song would be heard on piano that I studied. This time a video in which you see me playing and the audio I later put underneath. Why I did that this way is that if I recorded a video If you see me playing, you'll hear all the background sounds, ticking of fingers on the keys, not beautiful. So that's why I'm doing a little research on how to do it best that you hear the music without noise and still see me in the picture. In this video I play the song Let her go by Passenger on the piano. If you want to know what small investment I made for a better sound, read the blog I added. Have fun listening. Think of this video as an exercise I'm trying am with audio and image. (does not run quite the same yet). I think you'll recognize the song. Is especially recognizable by that beautiful unique voice and sound of the singer and the guitar playing of course. Now a piano performance.