Staying Healthy in Lock Down

Staying healthy in lock down

"...three weeks from committing to my new found fasting and workout routine, I have already lost 6 kilos and now, my goal is to lose 10 more kilos in the next month."

Most busy people I know forget that living healthy is very important especially when all you do most of the days is sit inside your office and work. For me, it was not until the lock down that I realized how healthy diet and exercise is a must for busy people like me.

I am only entering university this year as a pre-med student, and as I had time to think of my well-being due to these events, I realized that if I was getting myself into medicine, I might as well live like how I wanted my future patients to live. And now, three weeks from committing to my new found fasting and workout routine, I have already lost 6 kilos and now, my goal is to lose 10 more kilos in the next month. Here's how I did it.

Before, I was really skeptical if fasting would be healthy for me, but luckily, while I was watching my favorite YouTuber, an add for BodyFast (an intermittent fasting guide app) played before the video. At first, I was not sure if I wanted to pay for an app that will tell me not to eat (FYI, I love eating), but something told me that I needed it if I planned to lose weight and be healthy. During the first week, I tried the beginner's guide fasting since I have never fasted before. I started to fast for 8 hours a day and it gets longer as the days go by. The good thing about fasting is that you're slowly controlling what you eat a day; the app does not push you to starve yourself, and I recommend that you don't. What I learned was, you should only fast gradually, and as you continue to do it, your body will adjust and soon you'll be able to fast longer.

For the second week, I tried to combine fasting with workout and yoga. I had a yoga mat sitting at home, so every morning, I follow a 10-minute yoga YouTube video, and every afternoon, I try to follow a 30-minute no equipment workout on YouTube. But I don't recommend finishing the workout if you can't finish it, you can always stop at 7 minutes on your first week and gradually try to do longer time as you feel your body get used to the workout. It was when I started these activities that I finally noticed changes in my body. My breathing became better and I felt lighter, maybe it was only a psychological effect from the things that I was doing, but I know, I was feeling good.

Third week came and I started to quit my bad eating habits. I tried to avoid sweets and carbs as much as possible, and what's good about the app, BodyFast, is that it has weekly challenges that you can do, such us no sweets for five days or no-carbs for two days. That's how I trained myself to control my bad habits. During the third week, I was starting to feel my body adapt to the fasting completely, and it made me feel better. I was no longer craving for food in the middle of the night. I was finally able to control myself from eating too much.

Right now, I'm still far from my goal and I hope that I can continue all these. My tip for you is that you shouldn't push yourself too much, if you don't get your result in a week, just keep doing it, but still gradual. No one changes instantly. Also, don't forget your water. Always drink at least 8 glasses a day.

Lastly, even if you don't fast, you should try to commit to a healthy diet that will fit you, and always try to have a physical activity everyday for at least 30 minutes.

But remember, I'm no expert, I'm only coming from my experience. You can always contact your nutritionist if you want your diet and exercise to be in line with your body type, and if you want to make sure that what you're doing is completely safe and healthy.

So, how about you? Are you staying healthy? I want to hear your thoughts; comment them below!