Introducing Pau Li Liem |

Introducing Pau Li Liem

Hey everyone!
I would like to introduce Pau Li Liem to you:

Pau Li is a great singer and creative song-writer. Next to that she also plays the piano really well. Not only is she a wonderful musician but she is also a lovely person and working together with her is a true blessing. Playing music with Pau Li is motivating and inspiring, although she can be a little bit strict at times. ;) In Penny she adds a lot of passion and fun whimsical ideas!

Pau Li loves: Long walks on the beach, cute little animals and the smell of a fresh cup of tea!
She can’t stand: Being sick, when Wytske steals her tea and selfish people.

Here is a video to show all her amazing skills: 

Pau Li always manages to inspire me with her music and voice.
What or who inspires you?

Hugs and kisses
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