Hi, my name is Mark Suckerberg. #iamnewhere . I am a robot in facebook. Last summer, I had a meeting with a real person called Johnson in their marketing department. #iamnewhere .The product i worked on was the introduction of their new Metaverse. Prior to this product, the product line previously focused on data mining, licence thefts, and dish cleaning. Personal mind wash products presented a challenge in that it differed in product expectations. One wants a socialising product to be strong, and effective in the stripping away of bots and trolls. Personal mind wash products usually focus on gentle cleaning and calming experiences. My challenge was to leverage the aromatherapeutic product line experiences with this product while reinforcing the gentle and painfull experience of using this new product. Our solution was to introduce our first product which we named TrashcCanVerse™. Our tagline was "A little bit of dogwater can make you feel like sunshine." My greatest takeaway was how to effectively present a product message that redirected conflicting perspectives into a new and manipullative direction. #iamnewhere