A man dressed in what can only be described as a tuxedo walks into the room, he straightens his back, prsses his chest out and with a loud voice declares,
"Presenting, Imogen Elvenzaad"
A young woman steps into the door opening and over the threshold, gaining entrance to this new world behind it.
The man contines "Doer of stuff, writer of prose, Misquoter of sayings, Dabbler in many exceller in little. "

The young woman, with thick brown curly hair and blue eyes peering from a freckled, gentle face, her lips curled into a smile as she walks down the staircase to the main floor.

So what do I dabble in ?

As i hope you can see i Dabble in short story writing, Following the Brian Jacques method of life embelishment.

I also do some drawing


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